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3 Elegant Looks for Your Dining Area

  • 2016/11/16
  • 606
3 Elegant Looks for Your Dining Area

Your dining area makes for some of the most beautiful memories with your friends and family and hence it is necessary to consider its look and feel according to your taste. If you have a small space, then a 4 seater dining table set is the best purchase for your dining space. Here in this post, we have discussed three elegant and stylish looks that can add to the charm of your room. Read more to know about the little details you need to take care of while decorating your dining area:

1. Earthy Looking Style

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A 4-seater dining table made with the use of solid wood and which does not make the use of modern elements like glass or metal can give a perfect rustic look to your dining room. If you prefer a modest design, then earthy looking dining sets must be on the top of your shopping list. You can accompany this look with furnishings and objects with organic forms, slightly rough profiles, and simple lines like a square or rectangular dining table and high backed chairs. If you plan to opt for upholstered chairs, then pick seat cushions in warm, and earthy colours to give a cosy feel to the dining space. Moreover, nature-inspired colours work best for a rustic look such as the golden yellow or the orange of autumn leaves.

2. Modern yet Minimalist

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This style demands cutting down of decorative accessories and rather makes use of the basic shapes, functional lines and curves. Crowding a modern minimalist dining room with a lot of accessories is strictly prohibited while considering this particular look and feel for your 4- seater dining table set. Although you can add unique, distinctive pieces of artwork or furniture to highlight the minimalist look of your 4-seater dining table. Smooth, glossy surfaces and colours such as black will do wonders for this look.

3. Classic Style

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While opting for this style, avoid the use of sharp, angular furniture and mismatched décor. Neutral shades such as cream, beige, and others work well in this case. If you want to add some brighter colours to the mix, go for pink, blue, and brown, but keep them balanced as an overdose of any of these could make the room look too Victorian. You can also utilise both light and dark wood tones for this look. Rugs, curtains, cushions, and other fabric accessories can be used to round out the welcoming, comfortable feel that defines the classic style. Curves, free-flowing lines, and symmetry in room arrangement form the core elements of this look.

Hope you loved this blog as much as we did while curating these out-of-the-box looks for your beautiful abode.

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