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3 Exceptional Features That Make Your Dining Table A Supreme Piece

  • 2017/05/16
  • 651
3 Exceptional Features That Make Your Dining Table A Supreme Piece

Adding on to the glory of your living room, a dining table becomes an essential part of your daily life as it is the place where you reunite with your family after a hectic day. Your food tastes even more delicious when you enjoy it with your whole family on the dining table. But, sadly many of us refrain from getting a dining table due to lack of space. Well, the modern dining furniture is not biased for huge living rooms. You can get the stylish look for your dining through transforming dining table. The dining tables today are not limited to the traditional concept, offering you multiutility features which help you utilise your space efficiently. Here are the three cutting edge features that make your dining table unique:


An extendable dining table is the best way to give your home a modern and a contemporary look. It can serve as a host for formal or informal gatherings. It is best suited for small families who do not wish to occupy the space through a giant dining table unessentially.

The extra space, such as leaves, wings, inserts, etc. Hidden underneath the surface of the dining table makes it extendable. These design features along with the lever mechanism allow you to adjust the size of the table. The sliding feature allows you to extend the seating.


If you don't like the floor space to be occupied much, then the folding dining table is a fair choice for you. This formidable piece is the best example of versatility. After you are done with your meal, you can fold the table and position it against the wall in a compact form. With a foldable dining table, you can convert your dining area back to living area.

The table can be folded effortlessly. As it can be folded and converted into a box, it becomes relatively easy to carry it. So, you can also use this table outdoors, in your garden on a Sunday evening.


Keeping oneself updated with the latest cutlery is everyone's desire. But the task can be troublesome if you don't have proper storage. To amplify your storage, you can opt for dining tables with storage space underneath. It would no longer be burdensome to arrange your dining table if you have your cutleries safe in the drawers of your dining table. You can even store napkins and your morning magazines in your dining table, which can, in turn, make your life conducive and more organised.

It's not difficult to get these smart dining tables online when WoodenStreet is there to help you out. You can get a durable range of dining tables with latest designs and multi-utility features on at an affordable price. Go on and shop to simplify your living with a versatile dining table.

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