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5 Perks of Buying Feldon Study Table at Woodenstreet

  • 2016/09/09
  • 674
5 Perks of Buying Feldon Study Table at Woodenstreet

In the world of billions, we have started lacking much floor space per individual. So, how people try to work out with the limited space is, by bringing home small furnishings that serve single purposes and do not at all look the way you imagined them. Therefore, it is the best to buy double duty furniture items that look extraordinary, serve more than one function and make your teeny-tiny house look kempt and self-contained. Many ingenious designs of furniture products have come into existence because of their multi-functionality and their capacity to energize the contemporary decor. The idea is simple; which is, to take two furniture items whose functions are closely related and then combine them, in a way that they occupy the space of one, but serve the duty of both the furniture products equally well.

One such masterpiece that we are discussing, here, is Feldon Study table cum bookshelf. Believe me; you will need one separate study room if you want to have a full-fledged Bookshelf and a study table. But, if you can not spare a room for all that, then a Feldon study table can work wonders at your place. It can be a sturdy study table to facilitate you a dedicated work-space and at the same time, it can support a reasonable storage of all your books and all the things you might need while studying.

Here are the impeccable perks of owning this study table cum bookshelf:

1.It is a Compact addition with Dual Functionality

The best part of having this study table cum bookshelf is its characteristic feature of being an ultimate space saver. You can simply, stack all the relevant books inside the biggest cabinet under the table surface. Whenever you want to study, you will just have to hold the topmost knob and pull out the flat table surface. This table platform will easily rest on the doors of the cabinet underneath, conveniently forming a tabular structure and providing you with a stiff surface to work on. The entire process can be reversed, and the table platform can be closed back again when no longer in use. The front face of the table top, which is visible after the table platform is unveiled, can also be used to store many other books or stationery products. There are two meticulously designed drawers to promote the storage of other small things.

2.It can help you keep it neat and organized

With so many segregated storage sections and a study table surface that can be opened and closed back according to the usage, we can make our space room very neat and organized. Feldon study table can be an excellent way to keep the room clutter-free, even if your kids love to create a mess while doing their homework, because all ‘what happens on the Feldon study table, stays inside the Feldon study table!’

3.Extensive Customization options

Now, even though you are half-way to finalize the purchase of this remarkable furniture product, you might be worrying about the decor. So, shoo away all the worries, because we offer you abundant customization options for this furniture product. You can choose the type of wood and the type finish. On the top of that, if you want this table in the smaller of bigger dimensions, then you can tell us all.


4.No Disturbance, only Concentration:

Once we sit on the study table and begin working, we find it very irritating when all of a sudden we are reminded of the missing book or anything else. We have to get up and break our peak concentration to get that thing on the table. With the help of Feldon study table cum bookshelf, we can easily keep all the books and necessary things to our nearest access and combat the unnecessary disturbances. Another benefit is that you will never lose books in that case.

5.Free Delivery and Installation at Woodenstreet

Off course, we deliver all that goodness at no prices at all. In fact, all the customization you do and the advice you seek from our experts, are all free of cost. We only aim to make your home well furnished, each time a more.

So, before you start losing some really important books, just take a step forward to try this commendable Feldon study table cum bookshelf and add to your convenience!

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