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5 Problems of your life that the Alfonso Sofa Cum bed can solve

  • 2016/09/13
  • 949
5 Problems of your life that the Alfonso Sofa Cum bed can solve

Speaking of the present day scenario, we are well aware of the fact that it is not everybody’s cup of tea to purchase or own a vast property to make a house at. Also, with the wider acceptance of the corporate sector, people have to work outside their native towns most of the time. You will also find many students stepping out of their hometowns, trying to pursue their dreams by studying in the metro cities or abroad. And we can not miss out the biggest reason leading to the scarcity of land resources, which is, our ever-increasing population.
So, all the above conditions make it obvious as to why many people lack the floor space. Because of which, we can not properly furnish or decorate our house in the ways we have always dreamed of. But, the multipurpose furniture items have been the new trendsetters with sofa cum beds being one among those space saver furniture products.

Alfonso sofa cum bed can be a stupendo-fabulous addition of style and convenience in your baby-sized apartment. So read to know what five problems of your life can be solved with the help of it:

1. So-fa in the So-scarce Place:

When we rent as a Paying Guest, we get the space sufficient enough to keep a snug bed and survive. But, in the case of people working from the hectic 9 to 5, there is a need to keep an entertaining source that can drench all the tiredness away and keep them going for the next day. Also, it is just not at all easy to watch TV and consume snacks and drinks on the bed, without spilling it all over. You gotta have to place your legs down somewhere!!

Alfonso sofa cum bed will solve this problem forever, by being that ‘longed for’ sofa, while you have to watch TV or share gossip with your friends. You can lay back in the utmost comfort on the designer fabric sofa cum bed and watch your Favorite TV series even in a studio Apartment.

2. Extra-bed for your Friends of Friends on a crazy night over:

Even if you are blessed to have a spacious apartment, you can make extra bedding space, camouflaged in the form of a sofa. Alfonso Sofa cum bed will let you expand the sofa when you have the craziest group of people joining you for a fun-filled sleepover.
Share your stories in all the comfort and style, without making any last moment panic about lacking the bedding materials.

3. Maintain Style and Space in the best proportions:

A decently furnished house is the one with a cozy bed and an alluring sofa accompanied with other necessary furniture products to make the look adorable on the whole. The two most important center of attractions are, a sofa and a bed. And both of them occupy elephant-pace in your house. So, Alfonso merges both the crucial furniture products to make a single reasonable item; that validates the presence of both. A perfect amalgamation of style and Space is this show-stealer Alfonso sofa cum bed.

4. Hide-out to unwanted things at display:

This amazingly designed sofa cum bed also supports ample amounts of storage, in which, you can store all the bedding linens, and extra cushions at ease. There is enough space for more things to be stored under the hydraulic extendable bed mechanism.
The sheer, smooth uplifting machine under the lounge can be a long organized hide-out for all the extra items which can otherwise be the scene-spoilers. You can also make a cupboard out there if you can not bring one inside your compact apartment. What a neat escape to clutter!

5. Saved the Money, Throw a party:

Now the fifth and the best benefit of buy Alfonso sofa cum bed online is that we can buy two prominent furniture products at the cost of just one! Isn’t that fun? When we head to the market with the idea of buy cozy bed and a lavish fabric sofa, we have to have heavy pockets to make the deal. Now no more, you can simply buy this extremely in-vogue sofa cum bed at real reasonable prices.
Did you save the money? Go party!

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