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6 Contemporary Study Table Designs To Prefer For A Stylish Apartment

  • 2017/06/12
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6 Contemporary Study Table Designs To Prefer For A Stylish Apartment

In every home, a place with peace to harmonise, read and recollect the thoughts is required. It may be a small room, or your living room even. But without a study table, the place is incomplete as a study table is a helping aid which benefits you to read , write or work on the laptops conveniently. Additionally, the present day study tables are incredibly designed to provide a single solution to all your needs like storage, display, style and a lot more. Gone are the days when the huge study tables acquired half of the space of your room, giving limited functionality. The modern study tables are sleek, classy and have multiplied features. Here are six au courant designs of study tables that you should surely prefer while getting one for your home:

1. A Multi-utility Unit:

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A study table - cum – bookshelf is a perfect piece for your living room. When folded, it gives a look of an elegant book shelf and can be unfolded when need to be used as a study table. The two-in-one feature makes it a smart furniture piece. The cabinets can be used to store books or the other essentials as per your need.

2. The Wall Mounted study table:

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It is a classy furniture piece to get when you are running short of space as this table doesn't acquire the extra floor space. The swank piece adds vigour to your place and can be even hitched on the empty wall of your bedroom. This is a brainy idea to adorn the empty wall, making it functional at the same time.

3. A modest style:

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Sitting on the floor while working is still pleasurable for many. If you are one among such people, the platform based tables can help you fulfil your wish. It is also suitable if you are searching for a study table for your kids. Being small in height, it is easily accessible by kids. The desk has sufficient space to place a laptop or a book.

4. The Foldable Study table:

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The best option for a small space is a foldable study table & study chair . It is common for many to run out of space, but study table becomes an essence these days as all the work, especially the writing work cannot be done without a study table. The foldable study table can be a boon as this wall mounted foldable study tables doesn't even seem like one. When folded, it gives a look of a closed cabinet, and can easily occupy the vacant corner of a room.

5. The All time favourite:

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If you wish to keep a minimalistic look than the Enric Style is the upscale choice. It can very elegantly transform the look of your apartment, in a classy way keeping the design simple yet chic.

6. The Concurrent Laptop Tables:

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Late night working is a prevalent part of today's lifestyle. If you are not one among those, who prefer late night working but still love working on your bed than the laptop tables are just for you. The storage drawer adds to its utility where you can store your pens and notepads.

Undoubtedly, the study table adds to the functionality, but getting a piece that blends with the interior of your apartment is necessary too. As the wood furniture can go well with all the interior designs, you can grab one. You can get all these wooden study tables and a lot many designs only on the online wooden furniture store – WoodenStreet.

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