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6 Cracker Jack Areas To Place Your Display Unit

  • 2017/06/28
  • 397
6 Cracker Jack Areas To Place Your Display Unit

Cultivating artwork is a fun thing to do. Even I am the one who loves to collect the antique showpieces. But the botheration is storage. In a small apartment, it becomes tedious to give your collection a proper display place. Often, the collection stored in huge boxes, gives a warehoused feeling, spoiling the long haul labour done to collect the masterpieces. Well, if that's the case with you too then you ought to read this as we have come up with some cunning ideas to give a proper place to all your trinkets, through virtuous ideas to store a display unit at your home.

Wondering, how can you do that in a small space. Don't worry; we are going to talk about some spaces that are prevalent in palaces, as well as in the small apartment. Let's explore the ways in which you can efficiently utilise these spaces to store an exclusive display unit:

Empty Corners:

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Be it a big mansion, or a confined apartment; every house has some corners which are begging to get used. An empty corner gives a dull look to a well-illuminated room. But, guess what, it is a bumper crop that you can harvest by affixing a lavish display unit. This simple trick can help you enhance the entire look of the area.

At the Adjacents:

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There might be a place lying vacant beside your bed, or beside your sofa. Yeah, it's not sufficient to store a big shelf, but you can still bring it to use by placing a compact beside table. The beside table can give shelter to your books underneath and can remit space to your night lamp.


The best way to create an impression in visitor's mind is to use the entryways in the most skilful way. A bare entryway may create an ordinary impression, but a display unit depicting your furbelows can be an attractive spot captivating the eyes of all your guests. You can use floating shelves on the walls or free standing display cabinets depending on the availability of space.

Floating Shelves on Empty Walls:

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Empty walls are not an uncommon thing, but crowning it with your achievement certificates, is an outdated option. A newfangled way to glorify your walls in an exciting way is through wall shelves, which can be affixed right above your sofa, or an empty side wall in the dining room. Floating shelves with beautiful cuts and crafts can magnify the image of a standard living room.


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When collecting flummeries is your favourite pass time, you must have an impressive collection of dishes and cutleries which are worth flaunting. The display units can help you out here, as there are some display cabinets backed with a glass door, which keeps your cutleries safe and gives an unclouded display.

Under stair spaces:

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This is a common space found in most of the apartments. The inoperative space can be smartly put to use with the help of a display unit. An elegant display unit can make space functional as you can put it into use by making it a sectional storage for your books, supported with an adept alarm clock.

A wooden display unit can suit best your requirements as these units are available in all the sizes, can be placed freely and can even get fixed on the walls. When durability is your prime concern, going for a wooden unit is apt as the well-built product doesn't,t give you a chance to complain, and is easy to maintain. To get the latest designs of wooden display units, visit our online furniture store WoodenStreet.

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