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6 Inch Mattress

Plush of a bed is ensured with the mattress dropped on top. The thickness and softness of the mattress are all that takes to initiate the most restful vibes. For this 6 inch mattresses turn to be the standard size that is always comfy. Wooden Street has commenced a range of Penguin Ultra 6 inch mattresses that offer more comfort with premium quality. Swipe below to get a look at the 6 inch mattresses in the Wooden Street collection.

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6 Inch Mattresses: A Standard Unit with High-Standards of Plush

If a bed is called comfortable, then it is the mattress that defines the bed. This wide soft cloud on the bed is initiated utmost peace in the abode with its presence. Wooden Street has commenced a range of 6 Inch mattresses that are forged with every peculiarity that maximizes the tranquility. Some of the mattresses in the collection of Wooden Street are explained below!

Medley of 6 Inch Mattresses Online in the Collection of Wooden Street

Depending upon the room and the bed, the 6 inch mattress also varies. It can be for the individual or the couple or even for a small family. For them, Wooden Street has a size of 6 Inch mattresses available in the stock. This has been elaborated right below:

  1. King Size Mattresses - The name king size is ideal as it provides the king feel that adds leisure to the aura. Being gigantic king size mattresses are all set to accommodate all. The standard size of 6 inches is a cherry on top. Wooden Street also has Penguin ultra 6 inch mattresses that are the epitome of being the finest and fit for the couple or the family.
  2. Queen Sizes Mattresses - A little less than the king but definitely equivalent in comfort, queen size 6 inch mattresses tend to be as tranquil as any other mattress. Consider Penguin ultra 6 inch mattress from Wooden Street which is with 6 inch width that makes it bouncy. While L*B of 72*60 always assures all the comfort with the bed.
  3. Single Bed Mattress - The singles need a bed which can become their companion for all the comfort. So, 6 inch mattresses can be a perfect ally to it. For instance, Wooden Street offers Penguin ultra 6 inch mattress with a size of 78*36. This size is definitely snugly for the single one while the standard width makes it to be the finest mattress that can be always comfortable.

Why Wooden Street?

20 Years Warranty: Wooden Street assures 20 years of the warranty period with every 6 inch mattress. This span is sufficient enough to enjoy long decades of leisure with the total comfort of the mattress that will always last.

100 Days Trial Stretch: Many people often do not rely on online purchase of mattress because of less surety of snug. So, Wooden Street also gives 100 days of free trials so that one is completely sure of buying the right unit for their bed.

Purchasing Policies: Wooden Street has initiated numerous policies with the purchasing of Penguin Ultra 6 inch mattresses. These policies have enabled easy purchasing in the fastest manner. Some of these are explained right below!

  • Low-cost EMI
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free shipping
  • Easy return policy
  • Free installation

These are some of the benefits that Wooden Street offers on the purchase of Penguin ultra 6 inch mattresses. Not just this nut, Wooden Street also offers various other dimensions with 4 inch, 5 inch and 8 inch mattresses. Being ortho-memory mattresses, comfort is always uncompromising.

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