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8 Ideas to Decorate a Small Living Room

  • 2018/02/26
  • 257
8 Ideas to Decorate a Small Living Room

The most demanding room in our homes is perhaps the living room. A stately living room provides the measure of your living standards. You have to be very selective of how you decorate your space. If the space is small, it is a problem in itself. It kills all your filmy imaginations and makes it difficult for you to develop an interior plan. But worry not! We bring select solutions to your décor problem in this section of our blog.

The most important tactic of decorating a small living room is by tricking your eyes into believing the room is bigger than it actually is. The following are your go-to tips that you can follow for better results.

1. Let the Whites Talk:

Any living room with white as a leading colour tone appears larger than it usually is. White colour reflects most of the light that falls on it and ergo, is a simpler option to go after. One thing that we expressly like is the usage of L-shaped corner sofa. It completes the space and makes it look cozy. Our own Mckellen L-Shaped Sofa, that can be used as a sofa and as a bed, is a high recommendation in such a space.


2. Rugs and Small Spaces

Light coloured rugs that often match with the lighter tone of your sofa create an illusion of a large living space. The important factor is letting go of the bulky coffee table for an airy piece as shown. Linear artwork is again a feature useful in small spaces. Long curtains add length to your room and bring the much-required airiness.


3. Patterns with Benefits

The cleverest way of fooling your eyes is to trick them into wanting to look everywhere at once. Use bold patterns and create a room that doesn’t look small, because the eyes can’t stick to any singular part of the room. Also, a tinge of natural colours appease your soul and make your living room inviting.


4. Escort the Magician’s Drama

So what if your living room is small? No matter the size, it should always reflect your personality and add mystery to your life. Never be afraid of bringing a dramatic flair by choosing dark colours and contrasting sofas for focal points. The key ingredient is to keep it bold but not bulky.


5. Long Distance with the Walls:

Sofas that are cramped back against walls immediately draw attention to the size of your living room. It is, therefore, important to drag your sofa a bit away from the wall and into the center of the room. This will make your room appear cozy and airy. We specifically like the use of a ceiling lamp that makes your eyes drift away from the interesting rust colour of the lounge chairs. This is a perfect way to go about decorating a small living room.


6. No Sofas are okay too!

If you know what else to do that will bring aesthetic appeal to your living room, then it’s most definitely okay if you don’t have sofas in your living area. A vertical bookshelf, complete with two egg-chairs, looks great because of the vibrant colours chosen to enhance this space. It doesn’t feel as if this living space lacks anything. The use of a mirror opposite to the bookshelf generates the optical illusion of more space. The specific area rug imparts character and grounds the interiors.


7. Create your own Statement Style

The most stylish way a living room can be decorated is perhaps by making it look eccentrically arranged. The placement of books and magazines gives a living room more purpose than being just a place to sit and chit-chat. The ideal placement of transparent tables doesn’t visually hoard the space. Again, notice the long curtains and the length they have added to the room, which is magnificent.


8. Glory be in the name of Bold!

Bold, dark colours look as amazing in small living spaces as they look in large ones. They create a kind of comfort, laced in luxury, that makes your room attractive and tasteful. Be creative and fearless and go with your imaginative flow. The important aspect is the way you decide the lighting of your room as it decides the focal points of any interior plan. We love the corner lamp and the grace it stands for, and the fluorescent pink table in the center which proves to be nothing short of an attention seeker.


The ways your living room can be dressed, designed and decorated depicts your tastes, and hence, size is no hindrance in the pathway of a beautiful home. Be daring and go decorating!

Let us know how you choose to decorate your home.

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