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8 Trending Designs Of Poster Beds At Wooden Street

  • 2018/02/09
  • 204
8 Trending Designs Of Poster Beds At Wooden Street

Have you ever thought of waking up in a room that is nothing short of a royal chamber? Ever wished for those filmy sequences where a girl wakes up on a bed draped with dreamy curtains, swaying gently with the breeze that blows from the nearby window? These scenes create a pang of jealousy and a wanton want. These scenes, that make sleeping seem like a luxury, are quite incomplete without a poster bed to light a spark.

Poster beds with their regal designs, tapered posts like columns of a majestic Greek architectural wonder, and a canopy to stare at in sleepless nights are on top of everyone’s furniture wish list. The ancient poster beds have evolved into better and more beautiful modern designs. The beds are available with or without storage, whichever floats your boat.

From the precious collections of Wooden Street, we present you with the top eight designs of the Poster Beds that can breathe life in your bedrooms like never before.

1. Garret Poster Bed Without Storage

Simplicity never goes out of style. Welcome the class filtered as sophistication of old times. Garret Poster Bed has sleek posts and a headboard with geometric designs that makes it easier to clean and take care of.


2. Corsey Poster Double Bed Without Storage

The Corsey Poster Bed is a minimalistic modern take on the ancient designs of the poster beds. The canopy rails have been taken down for those who want a stylish bed that doesn’t tangles them in the fabric web of the curtains hanging in their way to the bed. The posts on the four corners resemble the ones used by Mallakhamba performers and beckons cultural heritage in your bedroom.


3. Allure Poster Bed Without Storage

The charm of the Baroque period is not hard to achieve with Allure Poster Bed. The headboard and the footboard have regal Bordeaux Bottle designs that match with the class exuded by the canopy rails and the knob like top of the tapering posts on four corners of the bed. Add a matching Bedside table and ornate stools at the foot of the bed for a complete look.


4. Citadel Poster Bed Without Storage

Your bedroom is your fortress of solitude and peace. The bed that expresses the exact sentiments is our Citadel. Inspired from the Central Asian and Persian influences on Indian Architecture, this bed fortifies your bedroom with its headboard and footboard design. The posts are ornately carved and end in the characteristic design of a ‘Durg’, or a fort. Arrange a proper bedside table and a light coloured sofa to accent the bed, for a thorough look.


5. Samboy Loft Poster Bed (with or without Storage)

The charm of the rustic furniture is lost on people who rush after shiny little trinkets. The timelessness of these pieces makes them something worth cherishing.

Available in storage and without storage variants, the Samboy Loft Poster Bed is strength captured.


6. Vanesa Poster Double Bed

The perfect English touch to your bedroom can be provided by bringing home a bed that has English elegance in every inch of its design. Vanesa Poster Double Bed is a bed with a headboard that makes it look like it belongs in the bedroom of an aristocrat’s daughter. Decorate it right with curtains made of sheer fabric and add a bench at the foot of the bed to accentuate the look.


7. Attica Poster Bed Without Storage

For those who love geometric designs and the convenience they offer, Attica poster bed is for you. Add a neat chest of drawers to go with the contemporary design of this bed, matching with the design of the side tables for simple grandiosity.


8. Kayur Poster Bed

The last one of our gems is the Kayur Poster Bed with posts tapering to pikes. The straight-cut design makes it suitable for modern and contemporary homes.


We hope that you can choose the poster bed that has the charm equivalent to that of Hogwarts’ dormitories. You can even procure a poster bed customized to your wishes.

Let us know which one of these you are taking home. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

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