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8 Types of Bookcases That You Can Avail From Wooden Street

  • 2016/11/01
  • 387
8 Types of Bookcases That You Can Avail From Wooden Street

If you’re a bookworm with a sheer interest in lighting up your reading corner with delicate wooden bookshelf furniture, then we have plenty of options just for you to choose from that will leave you in a blissful state.

So, curl up with your favourite book in your reading den and glance through our products that would suit any flavour or style of your home. Take a look at what we have to offer:

1. Cube

This particular type of bookshelf consists of different cubic spaces where you can store books and several other decor pieces. The designs are available in either cube or rectangular frames or may even contain a symmetrical array of cubes.

2. Standard

The standard design for bookshelves is usually large, with a horizontal shelving along with support walls and back walls. They are often in a rectangular shape with a tall structure. Mostly made in the wooden frames, they can be availed in different materials as well.

3. Modular

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These types of bookshelves are primarily available in cube-shaped configurations. Moreover, you can customise it according to your requirements as they often come in sets of 2, 3, or even more. The shelves are designed to interlock or rest against each other in different array sizes.

4. Leaning

This tilted looking leaning bookshelf has a specialised design and is generally balanced with respect to the wall. The shelves in this case, stay horizontal in a proper angle. Check out our leaning book shelves in the teak and black wooden finishes to entice the look of your reading space.

5. Corner

book racks and display shelves

With two supporting sides standing outwards, the corner bookshelf is best suited for the spaces where you would not want to disturb that display art, or delicate pieces and like to lay the corner intact. With Wooden Street, you can get your hands on Corner Bookcases in Mahogany and Teak wooden finishes.

6. Traditional

Traditional bookshelves are known for the carved wooden detail with an artful and a solid appearance. With Wooden Street, you can avail these beautiful pieces of bookshelf furniture in Teak and Mahogany wood finishes.

7. Rustic

If you want to give a pastoral, cottage-like appearance to your reading area, then the rustic bookshelf is primarily meant for you. It is usually crafted in simple, natural wood finishes with an unfussy look and possesses an old world charm.

8. Contemporary

wooden bookshelves new designs

As the name suggests, you cannot define the contemporary design into a particular style, philosophy or look. It is merely a combination of a fresh, novel, out-of-the-age ideas with a progressive and experimental approach. The bookshelves available with Wooden Street under this category are exquisitely handcrafted and will add grandeur to your allocated reading space at home.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we did in curating the list of some of the charming wooden bookshelf pieces that you can plan out to purchase for your love of reading books. Have a good day!

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