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A Beginner’s Guide To Bohemian Interiors

  • 2017/12/19
  • 694
A Beginner’s Guide To Bohemian Interiors

The décor-freak in you, who just doesn’t appreciate being shackled and bound by daunting interior styles, can breathe easy now. The one style of interior decoration that truly recognises your wild and free-spirit is Bohemian.

If you’re not the one to follow, go Boho. Boho interiors celebrate versatility and diversity, they speak of a cultural mix through the colours and decorative items presented in the interiors. The interiors tell stories of the places you’ve been to, places you aspire to go- it is a big display of travel memorabilia. The distinct style of interiors inspires happiness and life. Let the ‘gypsy’ in you out and design your homes with this unconventional yet artistic fashion. Let us see what makes your home ‘Boho-Chic’.



Bohemian interiors are all about liberal décor colours that blend in smoothly with each other, even though they are diversified. These interiors are based on the Jungian philosophy of chaos leading to order. The chaotic style, being vibrant and in shades that contrast each other, when put together makes sense and achieves ethereal beauty.


Warm earthy colours like tan, terracotta, orange, yellow etc. shine through Boho interiors with a smattering of pink, turquoise and teal throughout.



You have to think like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., your furniture should have a story behind them. Vintage inspired furniture that speaks of the bygone days, are welcome. Shabby, second-hand furniture and fabrics rich in artwork and designs are often spotted in bohemian interiors. Boho designs are all about upholstered furniture and rustic wood pieces, left purposefully au naturel, to create a lived-in antiquated feature.


Wooden Street has come up with a range of furniture suitable for the Boho interiors. Let us see the dominating Boho furniture categorised space by space, in your interiors.

The Living Room: Creating a Boho living room necessarily involves creating a personalised and absolutely unique space for yourselves. The Bohemian living rooms inspire an instant homely feel and seem congenial. The furniture of the living room is a measure of how Boho your interiors are.

Conan Floral Wooden Sofa in teak finish, gives the rustic feel to your living room while adding vibrancy to your interiors.  Have a look.

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The world map inspired wall art and geometric pattern based area rug with an antique lamp on the left complete the look.

The Bedroom: The Bohemian bedrooms are a lavish configuration of an antique bed with charms, wall arts, hanging tapestries, fairy lights above the headboard or an exquisite artwork on the side. Mosaic or Aztec printed sheets will add to the Boho designs. The king-sized Boho Bed with Storage or Boho Bed without Storage both can be used. Have a look –

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Geometric prints in gold have been used either as area rugs or bedsheets. The design is clean and crisp with nothing going overboard while the real charm lies in the artistic glass work designs embedded in the headboard and the bedside table.

The Dining Room: The dinning space in your home can be made Boho with statement rugs in geometric designs, an artistic chandelier can be hung over the table and the wall art could depict famous monuments. The dining set itself should depict your eccentric tastes and embody this in its design. Canova 6-seater Dining Set has a Boho-friendly design. Have a look-

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The corner is well chosen for the dining space with the latticed wall on one side. The wall-art is apt for a Bohemian home.


Subtle, sparse changes in the furniture and accessories in your home will complete the Bohemian look.

  • Turquoise, teal, pink and orange drapes in mosaic, Aztec and geometric prints will highlight your interiors.


  • Accessorise your living room with Boho Chest of Drawers, the stained glass, church-inspired, designer tiles in the furniture add eccentricity and a whimsical taste to your interiors, characteristic of Bohemian designs.

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  • Another tasteful addition will be a dressing table, like Sefra Dressing Table, with its indented mirror that adds dimension to your bedroom with its geometric design and sleek looks is typical Boho. Area rugs will enhance the look.

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  • Another addition would be a statement wardrobe, like Swirl Multi-Utility Wardrobe, that chases after dreamy film sequence and yet manages to add sophistication into your home. Geometric wallpapers, combined with a chest from a treasure hunt that you never partook in, accessorised with area rugs and a striped chair to sit and wear bottoms create a complete environment.

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The thing to always keep on the front of your mind is, whatever be the interior, it should primarily express what you like.

Hope you liked our guidelines on creating a Bohemian interior in your home and that you find an outlet for all your beautifully weird ideas. Hail Bohemia!

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