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A bookshelf which will treasure your book delight!

  • 2016/08/03
  • 619
 A bookshelf which will treasure your book delight!

Books are said to be one's best friend but what if there are no real bookshelves to protect them! For that, all you need is a wooden book shelves. Book racks range from smaller models to models reaching up to ceiling height, fixed or adjustable as per your requirements.

Why to use Bookshelves?

Books are the source of information and knowledge and as per Indian ethics they need to well placed. Therefore, placing the books into shelves protect them and prevent there damage caused due to environmental factors like dust, moisture and heat. This maintains the life of the book as well as adds a touch of class!

Why to use Bookshelves

It is also important for us to understand that books are meant to be placed in an organized manner so that one can easily grab the choice by reading the title from any particular or interested section. With the pacing trend, people believe in reading books online or the E-books, but maintaining a physical book is a passion! Therefore, a huge range of bookshelf designs are available online to help you arrange your books amazingly.

Tips to protect your books

The book shelve should be placed at the center position, having enough gap from the wall, for air to circulate within the books. This will help to keep them moisture free and preventing from molds and mildews. Just like extreme moisture, the books should also be protected from extreme heat, because it causes deterioration and fading of books. Therefore, the shelve should be placed at a convenient place. There should be dim lights or no lights when books are not in use. Such vigilance will help you to keep rare volumes protected.

Tips to protect your books

What kind of book shelve is appropriate for which area in your house?

Kids section

Children have less love for books therefore, to make it attractive for them, their bookshelves could be made with innovative designs, imitating their favorite cartoon characters. You can also choose different shapes and vibrant colors.The children’s bookshelves can also be used for multiple purposes, like they can have various sections for maintaining their stationery items .

Living area

Here, a wide range of creative designs can be utilized for matching with the color of the living room. Thus, adding on to the beauty of the place. The book shelves in a living area depict the interest of the house owner towards books.The shelves can also be used to put antiques and small decoration pieces to add to the perfection in the picture.

Study area

The study area is a type of in-house library or a soundproof room which is covered with books all around. These book shelves, pretending as walls, can create an atmosphere which is peaceful and calm and convenient for the readers.

Study area with bookshelves

It is necessary to have a creative book rack, as it will bring you closer to your collection. As we know, your time with your books are precious, so just open one and sink into it and let the strong book shelves take care of your books!!

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