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A fun way to Describe Furniture at Woodenstreet: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

  • 2016/09/28
  • 646
A fun way to Describe Furniture at Woodenstreet: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Gone are those days, when a man used to settle down for less, and some homes were very less or not at all furnished. In the present scenario, using furniture, to accentuate the beauty of your home and define your comfort statement, is as important as the meat or potato of any meal. You can not enjoy comfort until, each room inside your home is designated with one particular name, for example, a dining room and a bedroom can not be the same. Similarly, a study room and a living room can not be same either. But the question is, how are you going to mark each room according to their functionality? Hanging placards outside each room could be funny. So, this is where the need of furniture arises. Beds in the Bedroom, sofa sets in the living room and dining table in the dining room play a pivotal role in making our home feel in, welcoming and complete.

But today, since space has become the major concern, multi-functional furniture products become the game changers today. These well-engineered furnishing products, serve two or more functions by occupying the space of just one and charging you the cost of one single furniture product. At Woodenstreet, we aim to help our customers to get their dream furnishings done at the relatively friendly price rates, trying to maximize and personalize the product as per your choice and space. So, here we bring a fun way to express what makes Woodenstreet ‘F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S’:

1.F stands for Fantastic Fabric Sofas:

The flamboyance and luxuriance can be collectively showcased by the scintillating variety of fabric sofas that we serve. From winning arabesque design to the very elegant beige shades, we can bring them all to life, so as to spruce up your living space.

Fantastic Sofas

2.A stands for Attractive Dining Table Sets:

The wide range of alluring dining table sets will immensely glamorize tour dining space, along with making your dine time a luxurious self-time. Lavish and intriguing wooden designs of the dining table in various finishes can simply make each dinner time special. Some space saver options, namely extendable dining table sets, and some storage facilitators, namely dining tables with storage are also provided by us to blend comfort with convenience.

Attractive dining sets

3.B stands for Beguiling Bed Designs:

Sleeping in the ultimate relief can be a gift, and you can gift yourself an extremely comfort-oozing sleep if you buy the bedroom furniture, that satiates not only the look and appeal of the room but also amplifies the comfort factor manifold. We have an extensive unique bedroom collection that can help you make your bedroom, none less than a celebrity suite.

4.U stands for Utterly Comfortable Sofa Cum Beds:

comfortable sofa cum beds

When compact space is the crunch, sofa cum beds become the godsend saviors. Whether they are a sofa or are converted into the super cozy beds, comfort is never compromised. The bounteous options of fabrics and colors with the simple choose and apply mechanism, you can bring your dream sofa cum bed to life.

5.L stands for Lavish Lounges:

Lavish Lounges

Comfort is the only requirement when it comes to buying chaise lounges or lounge chairs at Woodenstreet. Unmatched quality material and the timelessly trendy and super-voguish lounges will make you touch the levels of serendipity.

6.O stands for Outstanding Quality:

While look remains the major consideration for most of the people, we never believe in leaving behind an even important factor, which is quality. The only thing that can make you feel proud of trusting our product is the supreme quality because it never fades or diminishes with time.

7.U stands for Umpteen Upholstered Beds:

Umpteen Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds have recently become the show-stealer when it comes to making the aura contemporary. Covering the entire body of the bed in the fabric of your choice, an upholstered bed sets the standard high when it comes to comfort or luxuriance. Floral patterns or checkered prints, with the arabesque designs, make the beds look drool-worthy.

8.S stands for Superb Service and Installation process:

All the good work at absolutely no extra charge! We do not charge a penny for the delivery and installation of any of the furniture products. In fact, if you feel confused between two choices, then you can take the help of our experts, and they will drive you to exactly what you dream to have.

Achieving customer satisfaction and being our customer’s favorite are main targets that we work on. We can promise, that you will never repent getting into association with our team!

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