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A To Z Of Interior Designing: A Is For Airy Interior

  • 2017/10/09
  • 237
A To Z Of Interior Designing: A Is For Airy Interior

Everyone wants to make their home a heaven, where they can relax and rejuvenate after a hectic and long day. In order to make the interior of your home make you feel good for the long run, the best way to design it is to go for airy and light.

It is not an impossible task to achieve an airy space in your home interior. You can achieve it easily by thinking out-of-the-box and let your creativity play the game. Additionally, you will need to consider every small element of your place as every element is playing a significant role to create the ultimate and desirable look. If you’re eager to achieve the airy interior you desire, here are few tips and inspirations to follow:

Floor First: Start with the floor, as it is easy to go upward. Nothing can beat white flooring, but if you find wooden flooring more appealing then choose light brown shade to make the room light and airy; dark flooring makes your home interior heavy.

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Walls and Paint: Moving upward, we come to the wall. You don’t need to paint everything white; ice blue and green, any pastel color or neutral color like gray can make room spacious and airy. Pastel colors are getting more popular as they blend with other colours of the interior easily and make even small room look open and spacious. If you are looking for wallpapers, then select one with light base and few big patterns.

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Window: A large window with glass is an excellent choice to feel the inside-out and outside-in ambience. The material covering the window is also important to consider. You can use sheer or cotton draperies and bamboo shades hanged from a sleek and simple curtain rod instead of a heavy detailed curtain rod. Heavy fabric makes room look cozier and blocks natural light.

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Furniture: When you choose furniture, try to choose one that doesn’t overwhelm the room. Furniture with light and muted colours gives the room an airy and open feel. Also, blue, green, gray and other pastel colors work well. Light color furniture will reflect natural light and makes your room airier and gives the illusion of a bigger place. If you like something vibrant, highlight a piece of furniture with bright colour to lift your mood.

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Light: Wherever you place is, let natural light in as much as possible. But sunlight is not always reachable in every corner and not available in all climates. Clever lightning techniques in your house are a solution. Use diffused LEDs instead of the non-diffused ones. Lamps and sconces with soft light placed in different parts of the room work well.

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Greenery: Never met a person, who doesn’t like greenery. Greenery is always pleasing to eyes, balances the overall tone of your interior and soothes your mood. So, give some space in your place to the indoor plants for a fresh feeling.

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By following the above-mentioned points, your place will look airier for sure. What’s your opinion on these ideas and inspirations to get an airy interior?

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