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Ad-Hoc Furniture For Your Living Room

  • 2017/11/10
  • 265
Ad-Hoc Furniture For Your Living Room

If you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture altogether then it is best if you accessorize your furniture with small cost-friendly alternatives. We have narrowed down these alternatives for you:

1. Accommodate a Bar Cabinet

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Bar cabinets are an eye-catchy way of negotiating with space while utilising it to its maximum. Place them at a convenient and easy to access location, and marvel at your interiors.

We Suggest: Edmis Bar Cabinet for a suave impression.

2. Consolidate Sofas and Small Side Tables

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Those small bedside tables, that you never imagined outside of your bedroom, do wonders to the interior of your living room when placed in combination with your two/three-seater sofa.

We Suggest: Aaron Bedside Table will blend well with any interior theme.

3. Fetch a Stool

Buy Stool Online in Chennai

A new flair could be easily brought to your living room if you add a majestic stool across the coffee table. It warms the ambience of the room by amplifying the elegance.

We suggest: Pick any one of these- Clan Stool, Flint Iron Stool or Feller Side Stool.

4. Bring a Bookshelf

Buy Bookshelf Online in Pune

Bring your R & R to your living room. Fellow Potterheads can take out their wands and chant Accio to summon a bookshelf to your living room, showcasing your art collections and bragging about the beauty of the room along with your precious collection of books and magnificent box-sets.

We Suggest: Hamlin Corner Bookshelf or Cagney Book Shelves.

Both these book shelves are real gems when you need to refurbish your living room while saving space.

5. Drag a Lounge Chair

Buy Lounge Chair Online in Delhi

If you have a small space by your window, and you’re falling short of ideas to fill the space with, drag a lounge chair to sit back, relax and nurse that much needed cup of tea while staring out in the space.

We Suggest: Alves Lounge Chair or Arnaz Lounge Chair or Alpina Lounge Chair are calling for you.

Try these small interior hacks and tell us how lively your living room has become?

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