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Add A Touch Of Functionality To The Bedroom With Bedside Tables

  • 2017/02/27
  • 354
Add A Touch Of Functionality To The Bedroom With Bedside Tables

When it comes to shopping furniture for the home, no market is tougher to traverse than the market for bedroom furniture. The size, style and design all play a part in confusing the buyers. Thus it makes the furniture buying process a daunting task rather than a pleasure. But if you have large bedroom space and want a luxurious and comfortable feeling then side table will solve some of your confusion.

A bedside table, as the name suggest is an ideal piece of furniture placed near the bedside to hold medicines, remote, books, water bottles, table lamps and much more. It would be ideally of the same height or slightly shorter than the bed.The night table can either be a simple design or may contain drawers or shelves to organise items.So, a bedside table contribution can't be undermined. Sometimes side tables can also be used as an accent furniture for the bedroom.

So, following are some wooden bedside table designs launched by wooden street, so as to make the most of your investment and to add personality and functionality to your room.


1.Carden Bedside Table

bedside table in india

The ultimate G shape style with the open box-like design make it unique and intriguing. The sturdy table with overall mahogany finish makes the entire design contemporary, along with making way for storage. Books, jewellery boxes, table lamps, coffee mugs can neatly be organised in the space underneath and on the top.

2.Adrian Bedside Table:

bedside table in pune

The beauty of this bedside table lies in its two drawers with an open extra space which provides it a classic and exemplary look. This implies that you will now be able to stack all your important documents, medicine box or any other storage items belonging to the bedroom, inside those drawers, that will open up with a gentle pull. The honey finish on it will allow you to incorporate it with the more modern bed or other furniture pieces, giving a lovely contrast to the room.

3.Kingsley Bedside Table:

bedside table in bangalore

You demanded complete comfort and support, and there you go with this brilliantly designed Kingsley bedside table. It has a drawer with antique handle and an open shelf that will provide you best storage space to keep necessary items. To enjoy the perks of a having a bedside table you do not have to keep it in the bedroom, in fact, you can just keep this table somewhere in your living area and can impress your guest with its traditional style and honey finish.

4.Pacino Bedside Table:

bedside table in chennai

Simple, yet sturdy and stylish are the terms that describe Pacino Bedside Table. Its symmetrical leaf pattern design in the front makes it an ultimate furniture piece to be added to the bedroom. And the ease with which you can move this table anywhere in the house is unmatched. Its open top space allows room to display alarm clocks, table lamps, books and much more.

5.Wilfred Bedside Table:

bedside table in delhi

Exceptional pattern on the drawers and dual colour finish makes this design a mesmerising and visual treat. You can organise your stuff neatly in its two drawers, and the look of the table depends on the way you arrange it in your house. This is some out of box design and will immensely accentuate the lavishness of the house. Being derived from the high-quality wood, it won't be a delicate furniture piece, so you can simply keep it for years down the lane.

These bedside tables ensure quality and can effortlessly perform multiple functions along with boosting the interior design of the room. Whether you love contemporary furniture or those traditional classical styles, there are varieties of bedside tables available online suitable for your use and style needs. So just rush to avail the amazing discount and deals at Woodenstreet!

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