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All About Picking The Right Colours For Your Interior Design

  • 2016/12/06
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All About Picking The Right Colours For Your Interior Design

With so many colours and so many shades in each colour it could get really daunting to pick out the right colour scheme.
Yes, you guessed it right – you would require a colour wheel.

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Anyone who works with colours- an architect, an artist or an interior designer, will need a colour wheel to see what works with what.
You must know that there are 12 hues in a classic colour wheel with three primary colours – red, blue and yellow. Mixing these you get secondary colours such as the orange, green and purple. Then there are the tertiary colours that you get by mixing primary colours with these secondary colours. Mix a bit of white, grey or black to these if you need a different tint, shade or tone.

One half of the colour wheel is made up of cool colours and the other half constitutes the warm hues. Whether you want to paint your home with a cool colour or a warm one depends totally on you.

So, how do you choose a colour scheme for your best home interior design?

1. Monochromatic Colour Schemes
Monochrome colour schemes are really easy to pull together and they are easy on the eye too. However, they can be a bit boring. If you are planning to sell or rent out your home after designing it this would be good choice. Nevertheless, it could get boring if you wish to live in it at all times. You can make it interesting by using different tones and tints of the colour. Just mix in a few neutrals such as white, grey, wood or metal and create your own patterns that are contrasting and bold.

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2. Harmonious colour schemes
If you choose two or three colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel you get what are known as harmonious colours. These colours are from the same family and are therefore friends with each other. For instance, you could use a combination of red and pink, yellow and green or blue and violet. If you love bright colours, this can work as an excellent colour scheme for you. However, if you are using three colours such as red, orange and yellow, make sure you use the same tone and balance them with large areas of white in order to bring in an element of freshness.

3. Complimentary Colour schemes
By using colours that are positioned opposite to one another on the colour wheel, you can create a complimentary colour scheme. Such a colour scheme is hugely entertaining as it involves a mix of warm and cool hues. You can create your own complimentary colour scheme by choosing a lovely shade of orange with blue or maybe red and green. However, you need to remember to manage it well so that it is not too jarring.

4. Split-Complimentary Colour Schemes
In this colour scheme, instead of choosing the colour that is directly opposite, you choose the two adjacent colours that sit on either side of the colour in the colour wheel. For instance, you could make a combination of pink, orange and green

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5. Triadic Colour Scheme
In such a colour scheme you choose three colours that are evenly spaced on the colour wheel. For instance, purple, orange and green can make a triadic colour scheme. It doesn’t matter how pale or unsaturated the version of the colour you choose, the outcome will always be vibrant. One colour has to be dominant here while the other two can accent.

Whatever scheme you choose, make sure you maintain the same colours while furnishing, decorating or accessorizing your home. Only then will you get that perfect home you always dreamed of.

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