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All You Need To Know About The Modern Wardrobe Designs

  • 2017/08/01
  • 345
All You Need To Know About The Modern Wardrobe Designs

Many of you must have fantasised a posh wardrobe for your bedrooms that you see in movies and dreamscapes. Well, all your fantasies can become real as the smart option of customising your wardrobe as per your style is now available. Whether big or small, every room deserves an awesome interior and a wardrobe forms an essential part of it. So, getting a chic style wardrobe for your place should be a priority. But, before you make up your mind, find out what all contemporary wardrobe designs are available for you, and which design is suitable for your room:

1. Sliding Door Wardrobes:

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Sliding doors are the movable doors that slither horizontally along the metal channels fixed on the top and the bottom of the wardrobe. These wardrobes are classy and make a style statement. Besides this, such wardrobes are best for rooms which do not have much space for doors opening at front. If you have a wide range of clothes that you need to hang, then a sliding door wardrobe is the best option for you as these wardrobes facilitates expansive space. You can even find a place for your bags, accessories, jewellery, etc. In a sliding door wardrobe.

2. Swing Door Wardrobes:

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It is the standard wardrobe style which almost suits all the type of interiors. The closet here is attached to a shutter with hinges. These wardrobes can be designed into any shape, whether L-shaped, pentagonal or triangular. These wardrobes require sufficient space to be left at the front as the doors open forward in this case. The advantage of getting a hinged door wardrobe is that you get a clear sight of all your accessories. If you have space enough to support the open doors, you can get a contemporary swing door wardrobe designed for your room.

3. Folding Door Wardrobes:

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These wardrobes are specifically designed with folding doors. These are somewhat similar to the sliding door wardrobes. In such wardrobes, instead of one large panel, there are smaller panels that fold outwards as they glide on the tracks. The folding door wardrobes have a bi-fold advantage as they give a complete vision of all the accessories and the open doors do not acquire as much space as the swing doors acquire. Where the sliding doors require an extensive space, folding door wardrobes do not. Such wardrobes can be easily fitted to small spaces. If you have an empty corner or L-shaped space, the folding wardrobes can be the ultimate choice.

Getting the wardrobe customised:

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Getting your wardrobe customised means getting your dream wardrobe without any hassle. You can get a mirror attached if you are planning to get a swing door wardrobe. You can even attach a shelf below, and turn your wardrobe into a mini dressing table.

If you are planning for sliding doors than you can plan for glass sliding doors or metal doors which look stylish and add panache to your area.

Apart from this, there are various options available in the material you choose, like the teak wood wardrobe and multi wood wardrobes. Apart from adding charm to a place, the wooden wardrobes are durable and hence will last for long.

To get the best wardrobe designs customised, contact WoodenStreet. The expert interior designing team here put in their best to match up with your needs. You will get some amazing options and ideas here that will elegantly upscale the look of your decor. You just have to get in touch with the team and your desired wardrobe will be designed fluently. To know more, do visit the interior design section of WoodenStreet.

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