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Avoid These Mistakes While Arranging The Living Room Furniture

  • 2017/09/11
  • 326
Avoid These Mistakes While Arranging The Living Room Furniture

When your home gives you room to create plentiful of memories, you should create a beautiful album. Decorating the living area of the home is a fascinating thing to do. Embellishing the living room with the furniture that upscales the entire look and provides comfort is not a tough task,. However, people tend to make some mistakes while arranging the living room furniture which blocks the entire look. While you spend silver to get the furniture that perfectly blends with the decor of the home, its wrong arrangement is not appreciated. Here are the six mistakes that you should avoid while designing the living room to give it an unhampered flash:

1. Do not put anything in the entryways:

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Offcourse, you wish to keep the doors always open for your guests. The place should be welcoming with no hurdles on the way. Keeping anything on the entryways will spoil the motto. While arranging the living room furniture ensure that the entryway is clear and the guests see an inviting settee as soon as they enter.

2. Avoid overstuffing:

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It is not necessary to get a big table always. The small ones make a grade with their unique design and compact size. Similarly, over accessorization can also take away the charm from the place. A small living room designed with the limited classy additions imparts a sophisticated look.

3. Do not give a compressed arrangement:

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Never push up the sofa back against the wall of the room. Make it the focal point instead. Leave 12" of space between the couch and the wall of the room. This makes an ideal spot for the sofa, making the place more welcoming. Secondly, follow the three-foot rule. Leave three feet of walking space around the furniture so that you walk around comfortably without hitting and bumping yourself.

4. Avoid a dark room:

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A living room with a dark colour scheme is a bad idea. Light colours give a big feel to a small room. Natural light is a rich lode in the living area as it fills up the room with spark and positivity. Thus, having a full window in the living room is a preferable option.

5. Do not let the connection wires fell abruptly:

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Imagine how clumsy the lamp connection wire would look, making its way through the wall of the room! Avoid this awful look by hiding the extension and switchboards behind the side table.

6. Do not leave the corners unattended:

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The corners can be used most effectively to glorify the entire look. Whether you wish to place a vase, a corner table or book shelf, anything can work well for the corners. Remember not to leave the hooks of your room empty.

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