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Bathroom Mats

A bathroom mat plays a significant role in your bathroom. It has a soft and rough texture that creates a friction between your legs and the surface, so you do not slip on the bathroom floor. Further, it soaks the water very fast, and adheres to the tiles easily. These bathroom mats or bathroom rugs are available in different colors and sizes, appropriate for your bathroom floors. These can be used outside the bathroom as well.

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Bathroom Mats Online: Make Your Bathroom Functional While Beautifying It

There is no great feeling than the cuddly warmth or soft feel to the toes when you step out of the shower. Here come the bath mats, whose primary function is to prevent us from slipping while making the floor surface comfortable to walk on. With this, they are available in a variety of colors and styles to beautify your interiors. Also, available in various sizes to fit in any space and complements the style of your home decor. 

For these reasons, WoodenStreet brings a wide assortment of bathroom mats online to add a splash of color while making the surface of the floor dry. You can choose the size as per your preference from our selection to enjoy our exceptional services. Go ahead and try your hands on them all!

Look at the benefits of Using Anti Slip Bath Mats

When it comes to bathroom essentials, anti-slip bath mats are a must-have and is a necessity. How? Check out the perks that it offers, which includes:-

Offers Safety and Protection

The first and the biggest benefit of having a bath matin your home is that it prevents you from slips and falls when you step out of your bath or shower. Cotton Bath Mats provides an anti-slip surface that allows anyone to safely come out of the shower, especially with wet feet. If you have an old age person in your home and want protection in slip from wet surfaces, then bathroom mats are the best way to choose. It absorbs excess water and prevents it from soaking into the floor or areas between the shower and the floor.

Increases Comfortable Factor

In winters or in regular seasons also, some floors remain cold. Thus, bathroom mats are soft, which gives a cozy and warm feeling to your toes. With Comfort comes luxury, which turns in the way that your guests will feel like you are treating them with great care and attention. Hence, it increases the level of comfort factor in your bedroom. 

Keep your floor clean

Even the drop of Shampoo in the shower or water drops when you step out after bathe- then slips and slides throughout your room. When you purchase and install a bathmat in your decor, it will not only protect yourself from any slips or falls but it will also protect your floor from being clean. 

Infuse Style in your decor

Bathroom mats are available in a variety of colors that will increase the style quotient of your home. It is also available in various sizes options like mini bath rugs which can breaks up the space and adds something extra. Overall, it infuses style and color into your home. 

Points to Consider While Buying Bathroom Mats

If you have decided to shopbath mats for your home, here are the few things you must consider while buying: -

Bath Mat material

There are so many materials of bathroom mats flooded online. Choose such which has an impressive absorbent capacity and does not allow the growth of fungus or bacteria. Also, consider that they are easy to clean, care and are extremely durable. If possible, go for natural material like cotton bathmats.

Check the Size and Style

Take out your precious time and look towards which size of bathroom mat is required. If it is not accurate, then it will look odd in your decor. It is essential to choose a mat that neither too big nor too small. Not only this, there are varieties of colors and styles like spiral patterns, tassels etc. are available online. You can choose one which perfectly goes well with your theme and taste. 

Care and Maintenance instructions

Before buying any bath mat to your shopping cart, it is advisable to read the care and maintenance instructions very carefully. Bathroom Mats are good to wash regularly because if it is not, it leads to a foul smell and bacterial infection in the room. Hence, they must be easy to clean and wash without losing their natural quality. 

Consider Anti Skid features

Before shopping for bath mats, make sure that they have a good grip and do not skid. If you have kids in your home, then they have more chances to slip if having wet feet. Therefore, pick the one that has a high anti-slip capacity. 

Choose from Various Types of Bathroom Mats Online at WoodenStreet

Select from the bath mats available online at WoodenStreet to either complement or contrast with the appeal of your decor. 

Geometrical Patterns 

Geometrical patterns of bath matare not at all comparable and gives a bold and dramatic appearance to your interiors. So, enliven your bathing space with our selection of stylish bathroom mats. We have Beige Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat, Grey Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat, Multi Colour Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat and many more that will delight your feet and brings a warm feeling to your floors. 

Spiral Pattern

Soak up the dripping water and your creativity by bringing our choice of spiral pattern bathroom mats. They are soft, comfortable and super stylish to upgrade the appeal of your space. In this, some of our products which are popular are Orange Round Spiral Design Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat and Multicolour Spiral Design Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat. 

Football Design

If your kids love football game, then this set of designs for bathroom mats are the right card to do wonders in your decor. They are unique and make the perfect apparel for your next home game. Have a look at our Red and Black Cotton Football Design Anti Slip Bath Mat, which is perfectly blended with functionality and style in one.

Tassels Bath mat

Are you wondering about bringing rustic charm and texture quickly through bathroom mats? Then go ahead with our Tassel fringes bath mats exclusively available online at WoodenStreet. Such provides a plush surface when stepping out of the shower while keeping your bathroom appearance classic and elegant. For example, you can look at our Orange Cotton Tassel Fringes Anti Slip Bath Mat which will surely fit in your desired style and budget. 

Why shop Bathroom Mats Online from WoodenStreet?

If you are exploring bathroom mats online, then your search will stop here. We provide you a wide range of colors and patterns and in different sizes to fit in every decor. Along with this, we offer various benefits that keep the shoppers engaged and make the experience fun and memorable. 

Durable and Soft Bathroom Mats

One of the best part about shopping online with us is that we craft bath mats with premium quality fabric that promises to stay with you for long decades. It is soft and highly resistant to slipping after the shower. This will lead the shopper investment-worthy and durable. 

Budget-Friendly Shopping

What one thing you want in the shopping that attracts you more? Obviously, the home furnishing products you purchase must be value for money. Therefore, WoodenStreet has an extensive collection of bath mats in the economic range of prices to suit any customer’s budget and taste. 

Fun Online Purchasing 

We provide numerous discounts, deals and sales offer timely and occasion to occasion. With this, we have free shipping services and no any hidden charges applicable at the time of checkout. This makes online shopping fun and enjoyable. Besides this, we have easy return policies and warranty services and full-time customer care support that makes the buying experience easier without any hassles and problems. 

People’s Choice: Top Bathroom Mats Online in Trend

Beige Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat

Make your bathroom clean and give beautiful look with this bathmat set. It has an elegant geometrical pattern design which may complement the various varieties of bathroom themes. It is crafted of cotton fabric that has the ability to give a soft and comfortable feeling to your toes and is a highly absorbent material. With this, it is easy to wash and care which results in long-lasting nature. If you liked this bath mat, then grab it at just Rs. 399/- only. 

Orange Round Spiral Design Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat

If you are looking for a bath rug for your decor, then this one is the ideal choice that can fit in any theme. The design has a spiral pattern in a round shape rug which is quite soft and looks attractive. It is crafted of cotton material that ensures to easily absorb and keeps your toes dry after the shower. Also, easier to wash and maintain which increases its durability. Pay just Rs. 349/- and enjoy its beauty now.

White Soft Cotton Anti Slip Bathroom Mat

This is a bath mat that gives excellent functionality and peaceful vibes through the design at the same time. It is an anti-slip bath rug that means it prevents you from slipping and keeps you dry. Further, it is crafted of cotton fabric to assure you warmth and promises to stay with you for long years. Highly absorbent nature and ultimate useful product available online at just Rs. 249/- only. 

Explore our wide collection of home furnishing products that includes bathroom mirrors, Door Mats, Yoga Mats, carpets and rugs and many more. You are just a few button clicks away to transform your home in a classy way! 

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