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Beautifully Organise Your Dressing Tables This Roop Chaudas

  • 2017/10/17
  • 258
Beautifully Organise Your Dressing Tables This Roop Chaudas

The significance of Roop Chaturdashi is revealed by the name. We celebrate the second day of Diwali with the spirit of maintaining one's body and beauty. The day lays importance on a fit and healthy physique and good looks. But obviously, preening yourself as well as the furniture unit which helps you to do so is a great way to celebrate this day.

The Dressing table is a glamourous piece within the house, which aids in enhancing the beauty of a person. Thus, celebrating this day by giving a mesmerising look to the dressing unit is a brilliant idea. The task is not tough either. Following some easy organising tips, you can provide a brilliant look to your dressing table:

1. Keep the table top clear:

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Always try keeping less stuff on the table top. This will give a clean look to the wooden dressing table. If you wish to keep your daily lipsticks, eye-liners and other accessories in the front of your eyes, then you can get some box organisers and keep things arranged in them systematically.

2. Arrange the drawers in the right manner:

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Just stacking everything in the drawers won't do. To give a sophisticated look to your table, you should orderly arrange all your articles. The drawer organisers and dividers can help you out here. Using these, you can arrange your nail paints, lip colours, hair accessory, etc. in a single drawer.

3. Keep everything in order:

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Arranging stuff systematically in the drawers is one thing but their order of arrangement is also important. You can store items you need daily in the topmost drawer and arrange the other things subsequently in additional drawers. Organising like this will help you being prompt as the things you need every day will be close at hand.

4. Use baskets or bowls:


The wicker basket and the glass bowls, which are no longer useful to you, can be used as an accessory holder. The glass containers look pretty holding the jewellery on the dressing tables.

5. Get A perfume rack:

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If too many perfumes take up the space, it is better to get a perfume rack installed. You can get one fixed near your wooden dressing table. This will help you flaunt your entire collection and pick the one you need without wading through the rest.

6. Light it up:

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Do something different this Diwali. Decorating with colourful sheets won't work for a dressing table. Instead, you can get LED bulbs installed. The increased brightness is perfect to set the Deepawali mood and would also aid you in getting ready for any occasion.

Celebrate this festive season with WoodenStreet by bringing home brand-new furniture units. This Diwali we have come up with a complete range of exclusive dressing tables at an affordable price. Check out the brand-new dressing table designs now.

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