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Before you Buy a Bed

  • 2017/11/29
  • 217
Before you Buy a Bed

The one piece of furniture that truly defines the sense of comfort and homeliness is a bed. For many, their bed is that one place which leads them to excellent ideas, fills them with creativity and motivates them towards innovation. It is said that one third of your life is spent on your bed, and so, it is only wise to spend plenty of time in choosing the right bed for yourself. Beds, if chosen wrong, can lead to sore muscles, back aches, cervical pains and continued lack of sleep. We are certain that you don’t want to deal with any of these. So, Wooden Street has come up with the perfect guide to help you in choosing a bed online.

1. Consider the Space: Always check the available space of your room. Even if your room is spacious, it is essential that your bed isn’t bulky enough that it hoards a lot of the space for itself. We agree the purpose of a bedroom is to host a bed, but a bedroom with just a bed looks congested and, frankly, unappealing. Keep space for other accessories.

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2. Consider the Space of your Pocket: The second most important step, before taking out your device and browsing your ideal bed, is to decide exactly how much is your budget. Sometimes, while browsing through online shopping sites, we tend to over-expand our budget for the sake of something we like. We regret that momentary lapse of self-control later. So it is highly advisable that you fix your budget a little below what your pocket allows and set the total as the stretching limit. All you need to do is buy something that falls within this range.

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3. Browse, a lot: It is easier to want something while browsing it on our site, falling for the looks, images, expensive polishes and high-end solid woods. We can’t promise to not try and coax you to buy something more comfortable, more glamorous and sophisticated, because hey, that’s what we do. But, it is your job not to get side-tracked from the procedure of step 2 and firmly stick to it. Browse our best designs and vast collection of bunk beds, sofa-cum-beds, queen/king sized beds, single/double beds, hydraulic storage beds, upholstered beds, trundle beds, poster and divan beds to figure out what suits you the best.

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4. Check the Dimensions and Wood: Vivid imagination is the key to designing excellent interiors for your bedroom. But, the one thing that most of us ignore while buying furniture is to make the effort to take out the measuring tape and actually measure the labelled dimensions and to visualize how the bed will look like in our room. Don’t get lost in only the design, pay attention to the quality of wood that the bed is made with along with its dimensions. Never compromise on this one.

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5. Accessorize your bed: As is the universal proclamation for a bed- your bed isn’t good enough until it encourages relaxation. Soft drapes hanging off a poster bed equals instant peace, doesn’t it?

Be the "Lie-in King" and buy side-tables that can store some of your books and favorite magazines, serve as a home to decorative pieces and bear a night lamp, your glasses and a jug of water. Wouldn’t it be a treat if these side-tables had a drawer for you to keep the remote of your air-conditioner in?

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A bench at the foot of the bed sounds delicious to our comfort-seeking souls. Lay out your Pashmina shawl on it and drape it around your shoulders as you wake up in chilly winter nights, or just nudge your laptop over it right before you snooze. Accessories not just amplify the interiors of your bedroom but they serve a much higher purpose of aiding your leisure, and so, it is wise to invest in these when you set out to buy a bed.

That’s it. Now you know everything there is to know about buying a bed online. Get, set, Go! Happy Shopping!

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