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Benched Interiors

  • 2017/11/24
  • 237
Benched Interiors

The key to excellent interiors, that appeal to one and all, is innovation mixed with minimalism. Today’s world, full of apartment houses, requires multi-utility, space-savvy, elegant looking furniture. Two birds, one stone. But the need to be different than the rest, sometimes, puts your interiors at the risk of lacking the glamour that you intended.

What, pray then, is the solution? Should you not improvise or innovate and stick to your old, monotonous and rapidly going out-of-trend interiors? Or should you go all out and renovate your interior all together?

Wooden Street has a simpler solution to all your questions. Make your interiors bold and beautiful by installing benches as suggested by our experts.

Benches not only provide a newer style to your seating area, but also elevate the appearance of your interiors in a cost-efficient manner.

Read to find out which charming benches would make your interiors magical and how.

1. At the end of your bed:This simple placement of a bench at the foot of your bed gives an illusion of a lengthier bed. It also provides a space to put your shawls and sweaters in winters that you can drape as you wake up in the morning. In case the top of your bedside stools are adorned with a lamp on one hand and a jug of water on the other, the bench at the end of your bed is the perfect destination for your current ongoing novella.

We Suggest: Aurelia Bench for an amazing and becoming bedroom interior.

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2. By the side of the window: Pouring rain accompanied with the delicious smells wafting off of that cup of coffee you just brewed and mingling with the musky petrichor, draws you a bit closer to the window. You zero in on the rain, as you ponder on your purpose in life, with a half- open book on your lap. The scene seems a little incomplete without that perfect piece of furniture to sit upon.

We Suggest: Hadley bench for the rain, coffee and book lover in you.

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3. Dedicated Space for Quality ‘Us’ time: The fast pacing life has both of you striving and straining yourself, pushing to make ends meet, as you meet deadlines on a daily basis. In such circumstances it becomes all the more essential to give time to yourself and your family. For one-on-one personal interactions with your partner, parents or kids over a hot beverage or a board game, a particular space needs to be carved out in your interiors.

We Suggest: Soho Two Seater Bench looks fabulous in the interiors as well as your exteriors. If you own a board game with a board size that is bigger than the table top on this bench, fret not, for Wooden Street can customize your selected piece as per your requirement.

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4. For that special empty corner: That one empty corner in your house that proves too big for a lounge chair, too small for a sofa and is not appropriate for a love seat, such that it has now driven you out of ideas. Don’t pull your hair, bring an indoor plant (rubber plant for such spaces) and pull a bench for a visible tang in your interiors.

We Suggest: Lay out a rug and drag Ativan Bench in its floral prints. It will bring out your interiors and make them lively.

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5. Space saving Seater: For seating areas not requiring a sofa in your home, but a seating area nonetheless, (like under the stairs, or landing of stairs of your multi-storied home etc.) benches come in very handy. Turn such spaces useful by installing storage-rich furniture that beautifies as well as utilizes the wasted space.

We Suggest: Christie Bench with storage that will turn futile spaces into productive ones.

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Benches are the new interior trend that make your interiors come alive and put them in a whole other perspective. The fresh dimension makes your interiors cozy and classy. Let us know how you liked our ideas. Share your pictures and experiences about how you implemented them.

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