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Best Books to stack in your bookshelves for various age Groups

  • 2016/08/08
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Best Books to stack in your bookshelves for various age Groups

In this huge world, we can not get to know about the mightiest details of every creature living on this earth. It is not possible to get the deepest insights of all the things happening around us, to know the reasons of our existence, etc. But, Books made it possible. So what we can not see or touch everything physically, but books can take us to the world, where we can visualize it all and live those things in real. If you have a habit of reading to answer your curiosity about the colors, humans, nature and a myriad of different things, then you are alive. Be proud, because you aren’t wasting your life.

There is no end to the goodness; book reading can serve you with. You pick a book, read it and bond with it, which makes it imperative to keep that world of knowledge intact. This is the noble reason why bookshelves came into existence. Everybody must have a bookshelf, to store safely every book that has obliged with the knowledge. So, here I bring you the two must have books, to be stacked in the bookshelf of the persons belonging to various age groups:

1.For the Kids below 12

(A). Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter:

This best seller works on the theme of promoting Optimism. The title character Pollyanna Whittier had to live with her wealthy, stern aunt after her mother passes away. But because of the glad attitude she had, she turned everything alright at her aunt’s place, and her good deeds got paid off too, as she was now able to walk without the crutches. This novel in your baby’s bookshelf can help them learn the most outstanding quality, Positivity.

(B). The same stuff as stars by Katherine Paterson:

This is a story about a little girl Angel, who had a single mother struggling to feed her and the family. The story of realization that we are made in the same way as those stars is fascinating and can boost the creativity of your kids a lot. So shelve it in!

Bookshelves For the Kids

(C). Diary of a Wimpy Kid:

A laugh out loud kind of a novel can help your kids understand humor and learn about the struggles the lead character faces while entering his middle school. With its attractive cover, this looks great on the bookshelf!

(D). Wonder by R. J. Palacio:

A masterpiece that can teach your baby all about friendship, bullying and self acceptance. The character of this novel is a wonder in the truest sense, so buy this novel to your squad’s bookshelf and help them grow with these qualities.

Bookshelves For the Teens

2.For Teens:

(A). Eleven by Lauren Myracle:

This is a perfect book to make your kid learn, as to what all must he expect when he grows up. This novel will make it growing up easy for the baby, especially teens, who face too many transformations. This books is geared to be kept in your teen kid’s bookshelf.

(B). The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson:

A powerful tale of a transgender girl, who learned to accept herself as she was. An extreme boost in the quality of not being mean and judgmental can be taught to your kids via this novel. Prejudice shall not prevail, but the book should, inside your child’s bookshelf.

bookshelf furniture blog

(C). Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling:

An essential for any bookshelf, is the series of Harry Potter and his magical imaginations. Needs no explanation, just rush to get one!

3.For Adults:

(A). Game changer By Tim Bowler:

Story of Claustrophobic Mickey, who with the help of his sister tries of find himself by overcoming his insecurities. This novel is a nurturer of a brother-sister relationship and can inculcate amount of self-confidence in you. So, gift your child this story of overcoming and victory.

(B). The Death House By Sarah Pin borough:

This novel speaks all about the journey of life and realization of the biggest truth of life, i.e. Death. The lead pair falls in love and sees the death together is a must have on your bookshelf

bookshelf for adult

(C). The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho:

A motivational saga about living your dreams, about breaking the monotony and conquer your fears, is an incredibly beautiful story. A shepherd boy inspires the entire world with his unrealistic journey that helps him understand the real meaning of life. A must have!!

(D). Where River Turns To Sky By Gregg Kleiner:

A story about adventure and survival can take your breath away. Buy it for your bookshelf!

Just get those books stacked in your bookshelf and keep enlightening yourself each day a more. Happy Book-reading!

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