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7 Stunning Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Wall clocks are the heart of every home. From dainty and sleek ones to huge masterpieces, they are an inseparable part of our interior decor.

From Cinderella’s fairytale to the last hour of our exam, we all know the horror of running out of time. Thank God! We weren’t born in an era where people relied on the Sun and the shadows to predict time. We are among the blessed ones who have the luxury of clocks in our lives. They not only give us a track of time but also make for excellent decor pieces to adorn our dull walls.

At times, we spend hours scrolling through decor items on the internet yet don’t find anything cool enough to fit our space. That is when an elegant wall clock can save the day. If you want to know the types of wall clocks that are always in vogue, we have got your back. Let’s discover together the most gorgeous wall clocks perfect for every contemporary Indian household:

Minimalism at its Best

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

If you are on your path towards a clutter-free home, the Classica Dual Tone Polish Wooden Wall Clock deserves to be on your wall. The zero-hassle white backdrop with bold numerals makes it easy for everyone to check out the time. The glossy wooden finish takes things up a notch and adds a lot to its classy appearance.Along with the minimalists, this clock also fascinates the ones with colourful wallpapers. Owing to its pristine look, it strikes a refreshing balance of chaos and calm.

  • Tip: Before buying the clock, decide wisely on where you want to place it. It can be tick-tocking in your bedroom or showing off its beauty in the living space. Make sure to place it over a solid-coloured wall as printed wallpapers would not go well against this clock.

For the Lovers of Heritage

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

In the words of Patsy Stone, “One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house”. So what if you cannot buy something as old as time? You can bring home something which looks that way at least. And it turns out that Wooden Street has answered the prayers of all those who are a sucker for vintage things. The Flint Hand Carved Wooden Wall Clock is going to give all the antique feels to your wall. What add an edge to its 80s’ vibe are the Roman numerals that make it look extremely classy.

  • Tip: As it is made of wood, use a damp cloth to wipe it occasionally to maintain its shine.

To Please the Cyclists in You

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Once in a while, you should ditch the regular decor items and go for something totally different. The Timestamp Cycle Shaped Black Wall Clock is an artistic creation and its wooden seat with the handle completes its breathtaking look. The amalgamation of wood and metal comes out in a brilliant way in this gem.

  • Tip: Putting up this fancy, bicycled-inspired clock in the kids room is a great way to teach them how to tell time.

For the Admirers of Coins

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Are you one of those mysterious coin collectors who would spend thousands to get their hands on ancient and unique pennies? Scream your passion out loud with Vini Coin Studded Brass Metal Wall Clock. Flaunting a solid body covered with coin prints on brass, this charming piece is here to win hearts. The Roman digits sit beautifully over a pendulum and can transform your entire living space instantly.

  • Tip: Use a soft cloth to clean this clock as brass is delicate to handle. You need to be extra cautious while taking care of it.

Wanna Keep it Simple?

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Clothes do not make a man but his choice of aesthetics surely does. Our Brado Brass Metal Clock is for all the innovative decor enthusiasts out there. Its minimalistic design with the glimmering brass detailing makes it a cut above the rest.

  • Tip: Make sure to protect this metal clock from excessive heat and moisture.

For the Lovers of Revolution

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Tired of the regular shapes that a mundane wall clock comes in? You need to bring home this Miller Cycle Shaped Clock to make things interesting.The penny-farthing design coupled with its sleek structure makes it stand out. When creativity meets simplicity, this gorgeous wall clock takes birth. The no-nonsense, compact design of this clock means business, making it fit for homes and offices alike.

  • Tip: As it is extremely slim and dainty, it would look best in cosy corners like a mini library or reading space.

For the Old-School Romantic in You

Wall Clocks to Suit the Modern Indian House

Staying true to its name, the Keeratly Old Town Metal Wall Clock is surely going to teleport you to an old town of Britain. If you are a Peaky Blindersfan, you know what we are talking about. The archaic font used for the numbers and the hard metal surrounding the dial give it a very rustic appearance. This would be a great addition if your space is done in a contemporary style, with modular kitchens and fancy furniture. The contrast and collision of two worlds would be a sight to behold at your doorstep.

  • Tip: If you are an ardent believer of Vaastu, you should make your wall clocks face the Northern Lights. It is believed that this attracts career and job opportunities.

When it comes to designing clocks, WoodenStreet is always a step ahead. From smart circular frames to crazy, cute shapes- we have got it all for you. Clocks deserve all your love and attention to make sure you are always punctual. Make sure you put your money on something that would blend well with your space and be a thriving part of it. Don’t forget to place it somewhere accessible so you always know when it’s work o’ clock and when you need to take that brownie out of the oven. 

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