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Another Stroke in the Catalog of Experience Store - Jaipur

WoodenStreet has expanded its physical presence by opening another store in the Pink city. In this blog, you will come to know about the exciting features of this experience store in Jaipur. 

Every ship needs a leading captain, and when it comes to decorating a home, the right furniture acts as a captain. Armed with functionality and appealing looks, these units always bring the best for you!

Just imagine: You are chilling on a comfy sofa, the beds are spreading the coziness, a dining table set witnessing all memories, and storage units are organizing clutter. 

Take that, a picture-perfect home. 

It turns out that the only thing you need to set flawless look in your home is classic furniture- as classics never go out of trend. Along with this, we’re big believers that furniture choices reflect your personality.

To all the furniture fanatics out there, WoodenStreet has opened another brick and mortar with an exclusive collection of furniture in Jaipur.

At our store, we have outstanding designs of products ranging from ethnic to eclectic, contemporary to classic. The designer team loves to understand the needs of the client, their family, and how they live. And then creates a world that works for them through Customization.

Want to know more about our experience store in Jaipur?

This time we took an off-route and tried something unique to make it more interesting.

Here is what we have in store for you-

1.When Blue Takes the Center Stage

Designed to match with every style of home interiors while spreading classy looks, this set-up is eye-catchy. Sharing the contrasting tones, the combination of Blue upholstery and light wood finish, clean lines of the table, and carvings on other units, appealed to our celebratory senses while looking timeless.

2.Moroccan for Magnificent Interiors

Moroccan architecture for interiors is getting quite popular, so we structured a layout to reflect it. We started by choosing our sofa in bright color and went on jazz it up with little artwork on walls. 

3. Everything for Every Taste

 We also curated a vast range of dining table sets according to different seating options. The personality exemplified by sets will be as fun as the stories of the family members who gather around for every meal.

4.Soaking in Comfort and Class

Classy, cozy, and functional! This bedroom set-up shows a brilliant character with impeccable taste. The embossed pattern on the wall added more sparkle in that space.

The end result of our experiment?

A captivating yet functional set-up that is sure to complete your home. 

We are inspired by different styles and patterns; therefore, our experience store in Jaipur speaks thousands of words to the beholder. The list of incredible options for your home does not end here!

Also, did we forget to mention that every unit is crafted from solid wood such as Sheesham and Mango?

Well, it’s never too late, you can start exploring the best quality of wooden furniture at our store. So, that you can enjoy the comfort and durability provided by every unit.

You can visit us at-

J - 50/A, Sarojini Marg, Panch Batti, C-Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur.

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