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Redefining Comfort and Entertainment for Mr. Chhatre

Only a jeweller can assess the true value of a diamond, and this the reason why Ajinkya Chhatre, an entrepreneur from Pune in lumber industry, assessed Wooden Street. Today, we share his experience with Wooden Street.

Only a jeweller can assess the true value of a diamond, and this the reason why an entrepreneur from Pune, Ajinkya Chhatre, assessed Wooden Street. Being involved in the lumber industry makes Ajinkya a true admirer of solid wood furniture. He knows the advantages of seasoned wood over non-seasoned wood and also the limitations of engineering wood. 

He can never make his mind to choose anything over solid wood. His long search brought him across Wooden Street. However, he had opened the website just to check out the furniture, but the Sheesham wood furniture, coated with different finishes, pressed on his décor nerve. He was looking for a king-sized double bed and Walken double bed charmed him with its design and utility.


He was also impressed with the rest of the catalogue, and the variety it offered in hardwoods. Soon after placing his first order, he logged in again to the website to get a wall mount TV Unit and finalized the Snapple TV Unit for his living room. He said,” You have a large variety in both wooden and fabric furniture at affordable prices.”


While both his units were being manufactured, Ajinkya requested to customise his order as he found the desired bed size smaller than what he had ordered. He requested to have the dimensions changed. He mentioned, “I asked for a customised product to fit in the desired space and accommodate my mattress perfectly. The end product that I received is exactly as per my request, without a single fault.”


On asking about his experience with Wooden Street he said, “Both units are awesome in both, looks and quality, and I am very thankful to the team for making the last-minute customisations. The staff is well-behaved, cooperative and everyone knows their job perfectly. I’ll highly recommend Wooden Street especially for their custom-made furniture. “

We are very grateful to delight you with our products. Your valuable words are a morale-boosting pat on our backs. Thank you for choosing Wooden Street!

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want.

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