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Things to Avoid in Bedroom to Make It Vastu Perfect

Place the furniture in line with bedroom Vastu. To do it the right way, you can check out 5+ Vastu tips for bedrooms mentioned below only for your consideration.

A home is dear to all. The time, money, and efforts you give to build it can not be described or expressed in words. Though every part of the house is equally important, the part of the house which you pay comparatively less attention to is your bedroom. What is gone forever; now, this is your chance to make up for your past deeds. Put in use the coming up Vastu tips for bedroom and make it a centre of positive energy. According to the ancient architectural science, Vastu-Shastra, the placement of things define energy flow in the home. 

Every location has its energy, and similarly, every object has its own energy. To strike a balance between the energies of the two, a proper combination is required. Bedrooms are places where you restore or regain your lost energies, but to make it happen, you need to build a harmonious Vastu for bedroom that can stimulate optimism in the space. Below are a few things that you need to be prevented from while deciding the furniture placement in your bedroom so that Vastu of the room will be composed.   

1. Bedroom’s Direction in South-West

vastu tips for bedroom

Before coming to the arrangement of things set inside the bedroom, first and foremost, we talk about the direction in which the bedroom must be situated in the home. Bedroom according to Vastu must never be in the South-West direction. All directions represent elements of earth, and the South-West is designated as the direction of fire. If your bedroom is located in this direction, then you are likely to have a quarrelsome relationship with your love partner. So you will be an advantage if you act in accordance with Vastu-Sashtra for bedroom. 

2. T.V And Mirror in Front of Bed

vastu tips for bedroom

Besides material, quality, and design, the furniture's location is also significant. In compliance with bed direction as per Vastu bed must not be placed in front of the mirror and electronic items like T.V and mirror or vice-versa. After a chaotic and busy day, spending time in front of T.V rather than engaging in recreational or self-improvement activities will be detrimental to your health. So avoid having T.V in the bedroom at first. Secondly, neglect hanging mirrors in direct line of contact with the bed as it has pessimistic effects on your body in terms of vibes. 

3. Dark Coloured Furniture

vastu tips for bedroom

If you intend to take to loud colours for your bedroom, then change your plan immediately as aesthetically, such colours are not helpful in constructing a pleasant look in the room. Apart from it, if you view dark colours from the lens of Vastu for bedroom, it is also not a good pick. Dark colours lower the energy level of the room. Such colours make the room appear gloomy and synthesize pessimism in the atmosphere. Therefore, it will be best to keep the room bright by ignoring bright colours, so the room's energy remains towering. 

4. Book Shelf in North-East

vastu tips for bedroom

If a room's furniture is not in the direction where it ought to be, then it is obvious the type of energy that a particular object attracts will be negative. Take, for instance, the bookshelf. The very same goes with the placement of the bookshelf. Try not to arrange it in the North-East direction of the room as doing so will lead to unfavorable outcomes. Locating the furniture of the room in the right direction in agreement with the right Vastu for bedroom furniture is merit for you. It must be set in a South-West direction as it makes the room's environment turn out well.   

5. Wardrobe in North-East

vastu tips for bedroom

Ahead of what is coming next, bear one thing very clearly in your store of information wardrobe is a necessity, and you can not make any deletions on it. To keep the room orderly and organized, a repository is vital, as doing without it might be challenging for you. Now when it becomes clear to you as daylight, let us shift our focus towards its arrangement in the room. Remember placing it in the North-East direction of the room is against the principles of the bedroom Vastu; according to Vastu, it will be an open invitation to negativity. Thus your benefit lies in following the fundamentals of Vastu-Sastra, according to which the wardrobe must be situated in the South-West direction.   

6. Bed in Front of Entrance Door

vastu tips for bedroom

Once you take Vastu tips for bedroom seriously, then you will reveal to yourself the change that occurred in the room. You will feel yourself light and carefree as if something heavy had been lifted up from your shoulders. Do one thing more and credit your bedroom with positivity. Feed-in your mind that when you place the bed in your sleeping space, it will not be in front of the entrance. As Vastu for room has it, putting the bed anywhere in the South-West direction, away from the room's entrance, will bring on good energies in the room. 

Ancient wisdom is a pool of knowledge, and one of its epic examples is Vastu-Shastra. If you can follow something easily, what is the harm in not doing so? You will benefit from it anyhow.

These Vastu tips for bedrooms are quite impactful in rolling out agreeable outcomes. So, try out the above-mentioned Vastu-Shastra for bedroom at home without a moment's deal.
Also, don’t forget to mention which Vastu tip for bedroom you liked the most in the comment section below. 

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