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Top 10 Trend-Setting Bed Designs of Wooden Street

An eventful weekend greeted us last week, with patriotism on high and blood

An eventful weekend greeted us last week, with patriotism on high and blood rushing in our veins. Marking the 69th Republic Day of India, the weekend was celebrated with an unstoppable fervour where we all took great pride in belonging to this multi-cultural and diverse sub-continent, that we call India. While the spirits might not have mellowed down yet, our bodies are definitely in need of some rest.

Talking about rest, the one thing that comes to mind immediately is a bed. That cosy, comfortable and fluff corner of our homes, our own little cloud, our sleep haven, our dream incubator that restores our vigour for the new sunrise. We all have our own choice when it comes to beds, but they are usually biased towards comfort, and that is indeed necessary. What good is a bed that cannot help us regenerate our brain cells and feel alive and fresh the next day? While that role is fulfilled by a mattress, the bone structure, that is, the bed, doesn’t have to be left out in any way. Let it define you, and if you are confused as to what might be good for you, let’s take a little peek inside the world of beds.

Before we begin, it is imperative that you freshen up, have a strong cup of tea or coffee, whichever is your poison, and awaken from your slumber completely. Getting a shut-eye will mean that you miss out some inspiring designs and ideas for beds that are taking the world by storm.

Alright, shall we begin?

Here are the Top 10 bed designs that’d even make Goldilocks jealous:

Be Humble

The most important thing when you start for a bed is to be humble, and designs that keep it grounded to a bare minimum never go out of trend. These will always fulfil the basic needs of any human being, or even some haggling pets that you have loitering inside your home. The attention-grabbing thing here is the simplicity and efficacy of owning a bed that does its intended work, fulfilling its destiny like it’s no one else’s business.

These can also have some interesting designs that enhance the looks of your bedroom, but that’s about it. Put a good mattress and jump on it for a good night’s sleep. Don’t expect much.

Stowaway Kings

We all like to accumulate some clutter throughout our lives. No matter what, we all have a little part of a hoarder living inside us, and it is hard for us to part with it, the same way it is hard for us to part from objects that have grown onto us. So, what is the solution? Get a bed with storage, of course!

Although, you’ll primarily use them to keep bedsheets, pillows and the likes, they will come in handy if you want to keep that LEGO set of yours out of your way. A lot of us have been through the pain of stepping on a LEGO brick. It’s nothing short of a herculean task!

Your Homely Chiropractor

Laziness has been imprinted on the human DNA for so long that, no matter how many times we decode our genes, and no matter how many complex algorithms we implement, we won’t be able to single out the breakout factor of this tendency. We don’t even like to sit up and grab the remote controller sometimes, even though we very much like to watch our favourite TV shows while sitting up in bed. A headboard, of our bed, of course, that in some way provides a nice support to our backs is an awesome investment!

And when these beds come with more storage options, such as the back-support padding opening out like a drawbridge to keep things that you love, like that remote controller, it makes everything merrier!

Now, you can enjoy your favourite game shows where people sit on uncomfortable iron chairs and be happy that you don’t have to suffer the same!

Ye Ol’ West and her Rustic Designs

Country flicks, old westerns and anything that ends in a one-on-one gunfight, regardless of whether the sheriff lives or the outlaw, it’s always fun to watch western flicks, with their dilapidated saloons and wheat-stalk chewing folks. The rustic designs of these western towns and stables are very interesting, and having a bed that is incorporates the same is a great way of showing love to the Django, if you catch our drift.

If it gets too rustic for you, you can tone it down to a level that won’t look as if a tumbleweed will roll in at any moment.

By the Hand of God

Geometry comes from Geo, which means Earth and -metron, which means measurement. Ancient Greeks had treasured this branch of mathematics, developing many new methods which still help in construction and architecture. While the ancients hailed the creation to be made by the Hand of God, you can find things created by the hands of humans which reflect complex geometric shapes and bring you closer to them, perhaps even in your dreams.

Talking about ancients, Egyptians were not for behind. Ra might have set the sun for them, but their architecture still lives, and you can bring it to your home too.

Keeping it Low, letting it Flow

Some of us like to be close to Earth, as close as possible, that is, which makes us gravitate towards things that hang low, like a bed that sticks to the surface. What’s the benefit you ask? If you’re asking, you don’t belong to this category. Gaia won’t smite you, so don’t fret.

Sophisticated and Dapper

A well-trimmed bed, with artistic looks and complicated designs, speaking of the worldly knowledge and experience flowing from the artisan’s hands to the chisel, and then on a block of wood, is nothing short of art. Why have an art installation in your bedroom when you can have a sophisticated and artistic bed?

Sinuous lines that beckon you to sleep are also a hot trend.

Eccentricity at its Best

There is an entity beneath our shells that sometimes erupts into the outer world as bouts of eccentric, weird and crazy behaviour. Sometimes, it becomes our defining characteristic, and sometimes, it defines our lives. Beds which are the epitome of your moods are always a welcome change. You don’t need a top ten list for these.

The ways one can implement storage in these beds can also define their eccentricity.

Pruning with Prestige

We’ve all dreamed of belonging to royalty. The luxury, the charm, the elegance and the bespoke nature of their attire, what will all the lively castles and curt mannerisms always makes us dreamy. It might be possible to make these dreams into a reality by adopting beds with a regal stature.

Have one without a canopy and delicately carved posters.

1.Comfort, The Final Frontier

Get an upholstered bed. No compromise here. Just comfort, mixed with the above designs or not, but comfort on all fronts. For that ultimate restful sleep, or for reading a book, or watching TV, there’s nothing that beats the comfort of an upholstered bed.

Bring some floral prints into the mix for relaxing your mind, body and soul.

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