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The bolster pillows come in a long, cylindrical, and narrow shape, which makes them unique from other pillows available online. They ensure a comfortable good night’s sleep as well as add aesthetics to your home through their stylish designs. For these reasons, WoodenStreet presents the bolsters online filled with premium quality fabric to assure you an unforgettable lounging experience ever. Whether you are looking out for chair, sofa or bed or diwan bolster pillows, we have varieties of fabric, colors, patterns, and style options to choose from. So, try your hands from our extensive range that blends well in your interiors. 


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Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share more details about your experience, so we can help improve WoodenStreet for everyone.
Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What is a bolster pillow used for?

A bolster pillow is usually used for the comfort on sides of a divan. They are added to the front or back of a bed as a decorative accent. They may also have more practical uses. Bolsters can be positioned between your legs at night to comfortably align your body and support your head, shoulders, back, and hips.

What type of bolster is best?

A firm bolster is the best option for excellent support, particularly during inversions and backbends. You can get a mixture of cotton and polyester bolster pillow that ensures a comfortable posture and support for you.

How do I choose best bolster pillow?

Choose a bolster that serve your purpose well. Bolsters have so many functions but make sure you buy the bolsters to fulfil your primary requirements. You can bring a whole new level of comfort into your life by selecting the ideal bolster for your requirements. To choose the best bolster pillow, keep the following things in mind: a.Versatility of the bolster pillow b.Its firmness and durability c.Cover Design for aesthetics d.Dimension & weight

Is it good to sleep with a bolster?

Yes, it is good to sleep with a bolster as it can enhance your sleep quality with bolster's capacity to relax your legs. You can also ease pressure on your lower back by putting a bolster under your knees. Additionally, it facilitates a smooth return of blood to the heart, which enhances blood flow.

Is a bolster pillow good for neck pain?

Yes, a bolster pillow is good for neck pain. It will effortlessly support your neck while preserving proper spinal alignment and relieving your body of additional minor aches and pains. The bolster neck pillow is a fantastic way to align your spine and give you a restful night's sleep.

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