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Bookshelf A Must have Piece of Furniture for Every Home

  • 2016/12/08
  • 354
Bookshelf A Must have Piece of Furniture for Every Home

A bookshelf in your home says a lot. This piece of essential furniture can add to the ambience of a room, allowing you easy storage of more than just your reading material. It is a convenient addition to any room – be it your study, living room or even a bedroom.
Your bookshelf can also tell interesting stories – not just the literal ones, but also ones related to the objects it displays. All in all, a bookshelf is a great investment and an excellent addition to every home.

Bookshelf designs can be uniquely different, without compromising on the versatility of the furniture. From simple and bold designs to intricate and ornate designs, bookshelves can be used to make a statement about yourself, your tastes and interests.
Use it as a display case to showcase your cherished photographs, or as a shelf to store precious music records and your favourite books. You can also place decorative items, like sports memorabilia and flowers.

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Strategically placed bookshelves can be an ideal spot to place stereo speakers, or lamps to illuminate the room flatteringly. Regardless of what you choose to place on your bookshelves, one thing is for certain – a bookshelf helps you add to the feel of your room.

1. Choosing a Bookshelf
Before setting out to find the bookshelf that perfectly complements your room, you need to have some basic information close at hand. These facts include the style of the furniture in the room (contemporary or modern, retro or antique, etc.), what you intend to use it for, the size of the room, the material of the bookshelf you want, the type of bookshelf you want and so on. Once you determine these pieces of information, it becomes easier to hunt for that perfect bookshelf.

2. Exploring the Incredible World of Bookshelves
Once you enter the incredible realm of bookshelf shopping, you can easily drown in the sheer variety available to you. From metal bookshelves to solid wooden bookshelves, the options available to you are endless. Each material comes with its own aesthetic appeal. For contemporary home décor a metal bookshelf would be ideal. However, there is the risk of the bookshelf getting rusted during humid climatic conditions. A wooden bookshelf, on the other hand imbibes moisture. Wooden bookshelves can match any décor as they range from eclectic styles to antique styles. It is better to understand the pros and cons of different materials before making your final choice.

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If you are looking to use your new bookshelf as a display case, adjustable shelves might suit your needs better. This way you can keep adding newer objects, even if they are of different sizes. Large sized objects can easily be placed by removing the bottom piece of a shelf.
In case you live in a place where a lot of dust settles, it is better to go for a shelf with doors. This will minimize your dusting efforts to a considerable extant. An enclosed bookshelf also makes sense if you are displaying rare or prized possessions that you want to keep safe. However, if you plan on storing objects that you use regularly, like CDs and DVDs, or books you read often, enclosed bookshelves may not be the best choice for you.

It all boils down to what you want to place on the shelves of your new bookcase.

The Final Word
Choosing a new bookshelf involves a lot of fun, research and work, especially since any piece of furniture is a long-term investment. You can even choose to buy bookshelves online. If you have done your homework well, you will surely find that perfect bookshelf for your room.

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