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Bookshelves: A Mini Library for Book Lovers

  • 2017/01/24
  • 413
Bookshelves: A Mini Library for Book Lovers

Inner satisfaction is the biggest thing one wants. We all want to spend few hours after the whole working day in doing our favourite past time work. Do we? We also want to feel comfortable and functional too. So it's important to have the furniture that provides us with both the satisfaction and knowledge and thus the Bookshelves do this work. A bookshelf can be used as a storage space to store the books and a display piece to keep the other accessories or essentials.Thus organising it is an art of decorating our interior along with its functional features.

So this year, we have cornered a few ways to organise it that can be done in minutes and are perfect for the book lovers.Take a look:

Keep it simple

To style a book shelf to perfection, try not to keep other accessories on every shelf. Keep a clear look by selecting the one-on-one colour for accessories like vases and mix then with other shape items.

Keep Away from the entry

Keeping a book rack surrounding a door can not be fruitful.So try to keep it in the corner with top rows filled with most of the books that you read and the remaining books can be stacked with other accessories on other shelves .


Fits Everything

To add uniqueness to your book collection, try to keep then horizontally and vertically in your bookshelves. You can also keep bold printed books with coloured pictures as they attract the photographers to take the photo of your book shelf.

Smartly Colour the bookshelf

Colour the bookshelves in such a way that it perfectly matches with your room paint.You can also keep matching accessories or other items that you don't want to keep in the open like your personal diary to balance the interior design.

Outside Interest

Utilise an elegant book rack furniture in the best way.You can add reading lights with a great piece of artwork in your book shelves along with hangings in the front.


Functional Feature

Use your book shelf in an organised way. Keep the magazine holders to hold the loose papers and magazine on one shelf. You can also use boxes covered with beautiful papers to keep your markers, pencils and other stationery that you required during your reading session.

Separate the books

If you want to make your bookshelf a decorative and unique piece of furniture, they try to separate the books.You acn keep your books according to height, or you can make a rainbow of the books, or you can place light cover books on one side and dark covered books on other side and much more.

Photo Gallery

You can also turn your book racks into a family photo gallery by hanging and placing small picture frames on the stack of books. You can also keep photos in front and books at the back if your shelf is deep enough.

Bookshelves are the great tool to keep the things organised.They can be assembled in various ways based on the style you select. So Get the book shelf online to have the maximum storage for keeping books, accessories and photos and get a bright and unique look. You can also check the styles and categories of bookshelves online or can log on to for more help.

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