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A Bookshelf can be a great addition to your home. Small or big? Open or closed? With glass doors or without? Wooden Bookshelves are online available in huge varieties. Whether you want the matchy-matchy book shelf or want to bring a contrasting character into your home, explore the best collection of Corner Bookshelves here to find the one that's perfect for you.

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Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share more details about your experience, so we can help improve WoodenStreet for everyone.
Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
How deep should I make my bookshelf?

The depth of the bookshelf should be with the range of 6 to 24 inches. The depth is determined by the size of items to be stored, so 12 inches is adequate for standard books, textbooks and novels. This standard size gives you an option for storing small items on the bottom shelves.

What is the best-covered bookshelf furniture?

Pietro book case is the best-covered bookshelf furniture. This furniture unit has everything which a bookworm craves for. The storage in the form of the shelves, drawers and cabinet makes it the best bookshelf.

Do you have bookshelves that cost between 5k to 10k?

Yes, we have bookshelves between the cost 5k to 10k. For example, Sia bookshelf, Beck bookshelf, Calde book shelf with storage, Astra Closed bookshelf, etc.

What are the different types of bookshelf designs available at WoodenStreet?

There are different types of bookshelf designs available online at Wooden Street which includes closed, ladder style, open, barrister, floating, corner bookshelves and many more.

How much is the average capacity of Bookshelves?

The average capacity of a bookshelf is 48 books and it also varies as per its shape, dimensions and your books dimensions as well.

What is the standard height of a bookshelf?

The standard height of bookshelves ranging at WoodenStreet is from 1 to 2 meters.

Do you have any design for the corner bookshelf?

Yes, we have a lot of design options for corner bookshelves. For example, Severino Bookshelf, Sia Book shelf, Mint Book Shelf etc.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
Regio Bookshelf (Walnut Finish)
Creative wooden bookshelf for stylish interiors, I got what I was looking for! Terrific look and highly reliable wood - I found my dream bookshelves design, That is milan loft mini bookshelf at Wooden Street. This store has all varieties and they could make the design exactly as I proposed them on chat.
Sooraj Bangalore View Product
Theo Bookshelf (Walnut Finish)
Theo Bookshelf furniture design won my heart from the start. The solid wood Bookshelf is actually very good when it comes to shelving stuff, Including books and what not. Looks very neat in my study and doesn't disturb the surroundings at all.
Ajaysreevastava Bangalore View Product
Severino Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
I was looking for a bookshelf in high quality wood. The material and design both are mind-blowing in Wooden Street Bookshelves collection. Their book shelf collection is designer quality & it provided me great storage option too. Perfect for jazzing up the look of my study room!
Portus Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Portus Bookshelf was the perfect solution, For that small space left in my studio apartment, converting the corner into a micro-library. With everything organized in the simple book shelf, and all my art tools inside the drawers, I feel that the corner has a new purpose, and will never be an eyesore.
Fanny Bookshelf (Walnut Finish)
I found Hamlin corner bookshelf from Wooden Street really cute. It is a low height furniture and I loved how beautifully it is designed. I kept it in my living room and decorated the top with a vase. Now whoever comes home asks me where I got it from. I am quite satisfied with it.
Midhun Krishna BANGALORE View Product
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