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Bookworm’s Book Burrow

  • 2018/01/31
  • 505
Bookworm’s Book Burrow

If you don’t love reading, you are missing out on a totally wonderful alternative of the world, full of magic and motivation. But if you do, then you belong to that favoured family of those who admire the marvel of books.
Remember the cathedral-like library that the Beast gifted to Belle in Beauty and the Beast? If you loved that then you’ll love this post too!

Haven in the Hallway: Covering the wall of your hallway with bookshelves works wonder. Place an ottoman or a lounge chair in an appropriate corner to make the most untouched place into your favorite new reading nook. You have never imagined yourself relaxing along with your favorite read in the hallway. If you have more space, a small coffee table will add character to the place.

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Stack them behind Sofa: Refresh your living room by installing built-in shelves or customized book shelf behind the sofa. If possible, place a day bed/chaise lounge in the living room. Imagine lying on the day bed, a great read in your hand and room flooded with natural light, that’s all an avid reader’s lust. You will only need to lose a few feet of your living room to give it a luxurious feel.


Books behind your Bed: If you are the type who needs bedtime stories or a chapter in a thrill drama to relax and unwind before you sleep, then your book storage has to be behind your bed. This storage makes perfect sense; install a bookshelf in a corner of your bedroom or over the headboard. Now, you don't have to go far to pick out your next bit of reading material and nothing could be cozier then a bedroom surrounded with books. A lamp can be mounted on a bedside table or have a spot light near the bookshelf and get lost in a story within a matter of time before you snooze.


Behind the Glasses: Who said you need a bookshelf to store books? Don’t get bounded with the basics and let your creativity flow. You can use hutch cabinets to store books. It not only stores your giant collection, but can also be accommodate in any room. A tall mini-library behind the glass looks gorgeous; compliment it with a beautiful wing-back chair, a round coffee table and an area rug to define the space.


Up with the Wall:
Tonnes of books and limited space? Don’t worry, as every problem comes with a solution. Swapping your freestanding bookshelf with wall-mounted bookshelves is an innovative idea. Above a bench in the hallway, in a spacious corner of your living room, above any furniture (above the sofa or side table) or almost anywhere, get them installed and utilize the maximum wall space. Wall-mounted bookshelves can even hold more books than the traditional book cases because you can easily install them all the way to ceiling. They save space and create a minimal custom look.


No technology can beat the feeling of a good book in your hand. Not everyone can devote a particular room for a library, but you get a place to escape into the most delightful world of books.

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