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Bring Home An Opulent Breathing Space: A Bed Suiting All Your Needs

  • 2017/08/29
  • 235
Bring Home An Opulent Breathing Space: A Bed Suiting All Your Needs

After a tiring day, what we crave the most is our bed. Being the ultimate stop for comfort in the bedroom, getting the perfect one is essential. Explicitly, a bed is responsible for a healthier life too as it is the place where our body gets complete rest. So, why would anyone choose to sleep on a limp bed and why should one? The cramped one should not be one's choice especially when we give you the beds which are in the best of designs and utterly comfortable. Here are the six awesome bed designs  which will surely make your bedrooms extra crave-able:

1. Amiro Bed With Bedside Table:

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Comfort starts with a spacious bed. What would be more soothing than a resting station which offers sufficient space for you and your partner! The Amiro Bed is a widespread one, perfect for the master bedroom of the house. It is also bequeathed with a chic bedside table enhancing the look of the entire bedroom.

2. Howler bed With Side Storage:

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Designing the bedroom with unique furniture is a delightful business. Undoubtedly, the bed forms the focal point of the bedroom. So, getting the one with unique designs becomes essential. The Howler bed is perfectly crafted. The patterned headboards with strong base make it a sturdy furniture piece to have. Additionally, the side storage drawers add on to the service. Having a bed such like adds on to the functionality.

3. Kayur Poster Bed:

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Intricately designed, this bed looks unique and has its style. Poster beds are fascinated for giving a royal touch to the bedroom. The kayur bed does justice with the look and is a perfect add on to spruce up the interior of the bedroom. Whether you embellish the posters with canopies or allow them to flaunt bare, the bed stands out.

4. Oriental bed:

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Check out the patterned headboard in the bed design. Exclusively designed bed with selected texture imparts a sophisticated look to the room. The sturdy furniture piece adds to the comfort being spacious and gives a stunning look to the bedroom at the same time.

5. Sargent Upholstered Bed With Storage:

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Looks comfortable! It is a comfortable one. The Sargent bed with finely raised upholstery can be your one stop solution if you are looking for a soothing masterpiece for your bedroom. The classic brown colour adds life to the place. The padded upholstery provides a comfortable back support. Getting this one will yearn you spend more time on your bed.

6. Adrian Bed:

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Welcome the all rounder one. Comfort and style are the primary features to look for, but if a bed offers you much more, it is worth your money. The Adrian bed with shelves beneath has a fascinating style and procures a pleasing eye look. It gives you a chance to personify the bed your way. You can either make it a mini book shelf or use it as a dominant display. Additionally, the storage drawer allows you to store your bed sheets, cushion covers and much more.

Delighted with the designs! Well, this was just a glimpse. On WoodenStreet you will find a variety of stylish beds that can give a striking look to your bedroom. You will find a plethora of beds suitable for small and big rooms accrued with additional features like storage. To give you the best service, we even customise the furniture as per your need. So, you can get your bed customised here with all the features you require. To know more visit

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