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Celebrate This Dhanteras With Stunning Entryway

  • 2017/10/16
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Celebrate This Dhanteras With Stunning Entryway

The elated festival Diwali, celebrated for five days, signifies the victory of light over darkness. With diyas all over, the nation gleams with, shine and sparkle. As we all know, every day of the festival carries significance. Dhanteras, being the commencing day should be celebrated with enthusiasm. So, to mark a good beginning, let's start with decorating the preface of the house, that is, the entryway. “The first impression is the last impression.” Thus, leaving a good impression on your guests is essential. Today, let's see how one can create a glamorous and a welcoming entryway in the home:

1. Get a seat-cum-storage:

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A seat on the gateway is a fantastic option to make your place more cordial. Additionally, you can get a shoe rack-cum-bench. This would be a fine gesture, where the visitors can take off the shoes while comfortably sitting on the seat.

2. Decorate a wall unit with sparkling candles:

home decor ideas

A brilliant way to create a bright entryway is through decorating a wall shelf on the either side with diyas, candles and other items. Wall units become an excellent source of display for a particular theme.

3. Hang a lantern:

simple interior design ideas

Lanterns are always preferred and make a great decoration, especially during the Diwali season. You can hang a colourful one on the entryways. These can be attached either on the top or the side as per your convenience.

4. Get a classy chest of drawers:

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Another furniture unit that can beautifully adorn the entryway of the house is a contemporary chest of drawers. In many commercial places, a chest of drawers is kept at the entryway or the waiting lounge. Keeping it at the entrance of the home is a good idea as not only it enhances the area but also provides an additional storage space.

5. Floating candles:

best diwali decoration tips

A tub of floating candles and flowers on the entryways would work wonders. This will glow up your house only if you have a considerably broad entryway as the tubs require sufficient space. 

6. Place A Mirror:

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A mirror on the entryway is a great addition. Above the chest or on a bare wall, wooden mirror frames can add charm to a simple wall. Besides this, it also makes a place appear more prominent due to the reflections. Turning up your entrance into a bigger and brighter one is so easy, all you got to do is bring a classy mirror frame.

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