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Chesterfield Inspired Furniture- The Other Side of Chesterfield sofas

  • 2018/02/01
  • 401
Chesterfield Inspired Furniture- The Other Side of Chesterfield sofas

Are you one of those people who watch TV shows set up in Victorian England, such as Ripper Street, Jane Eyre, or one of those movies like Pride and Prejudice? Or perhaps you prefer to escape into Victorian world built by books and your rampant imagination? Books like the great creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, etc., have always appealed to the old school you. Do you secretly crave to relive that era, that time of grandeur and elegance incarnated in people, where things were simpler, and technology seemed to be frozen in steampunk and gaslight? If yes, then you’d be happy to know that, even in this modern world, pushing the borders of scientific breakthroughs every day, you can bring back the elegance of the Victorian era by incorporating furniture designs inspired from that era. And no, you don’t need to take Doctor Who’s TARDIS, or spin that time turner.

Chesterfield designs in your furniture units help you to build the sophistication of the Victorian era with their deep buttoned, quilted designs, with tufting, even if you didn’t really know that’s what they are called. Take a gander and applaud the sheer genius of Phillip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield.

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Chesterfields Around Us

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A Marshmallow World – Chesterfield Suite

These are the furniture that you must have seen around you, a lot. Imagine, sipping tea, in expensive bone china cups, with the kaleidoscope of your social butterflies, fluttering around and chattering away the gossips of the neighbourhood, and giggling like schoolgirls. Even if this scenario doesn’t seem compatible with your ideologies, investing in a Chesterfield sofa set, or Chesterfield Suite, will turn the dial of your interior decorations up.​

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When in doubt, just wing it – Tufted Wingback Chairs

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This time, let us take you into an imaginary world, preferably created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, where a bored Sherlock is lost in thought, brooding over a recent case. His hands clasped together, forefinger pointing up to support his strong, square chin, back resting against a plush, scarlet Chesterfield wing back chair. Does that lure you back into that charming era, enough to want to own something reminiscent of those golden times? You can easily own a wingback chair that does this for you. Take a peek.

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Dinners Done Right - Tufted Dining Chairs

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The only dinners that you will remember all your life will be the ones that you enjoyed with your family in the intimacy of your home. Imagine, it’s Christmas, and all the students, except a few Christmas time hagglers, have packed their trunks and gone home. Dumbledore has conjured thirteen majestic chesterfield chairs, with gilded gold, upholstered in plush purple velvet with a sheen to die for. The table, at the centre is lush with pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, turkey sandwiches, crumpets, trifle, and Christmas cake. If you want to reinvent the magic of a Hogwarts’ banquet, fret not! With Chesterfield dining chairs, combined with baroque gildings, this magic spell is all yours to condense in a vial and spread around.

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The French Connection – Chaise Lounges


Victorian era is always incomplete and lacking its charm if there is no chaise lounge in the picture. For a picture-perfect resemblance to a Victorian backdrop, you need to have a gilded chaise lounge inspired by the lovely design of Chesterfield. Imagine, reading your favourite book under the shade of a lamp beside your beautiful chaise lounge. The soft curls of the armrest, highlighted by the soft light of the room, create a perfect ambience that entices you to keep diving in the book. What’s more, these look so royal that you can rearrange the furniture in your interiors, centred around the chaise lounge, to look like a throne room.


Beauty and the Bench, Up-holstered.


While you’re at it, do not get inspired in a limited manner. Broaden your minds and allow your eyes to see past the mundane. Designs inspired by Chesterfields are not limited to just the sofa units. Things as simple as benches can also be wrapped in the tufted glory of Chesterfields.

There are no Monsters under it – Upholstered Beds


Ah, the one zone where the trials of the day are long forgotten, and true comfort comes rushing to you, cocooning you in the blanket of the night. And so, your bedroom has to be the one place that has an aesthetic appeal to it, that calms your senses and beckons to your inner peace. Imagine, a bedroom that has cooling shades, whether it is because of the drapes, wallpapers or the design of the bed. Each element cohesively creates the perfect aura of your ideal bedroom. Chesterfield designs, in the upholstery of the headboards, make your bed look regal and inviting.


If the above doesn’t entice you to bring home a chesterfield sofa, or some other chesterfield inspired furniture, then perhaps your dream of creating a Victorian home will always remain a dream. But a dream worth its mettle won’t let you sleep. And so, Chesterfields are your first step towards creating a pocket Victorian era right within the confines of your humble abode.

Let us know which designs you will be bringing home, and how they appeal to you. Share your ideas and insights with us!

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