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Choosing Center Tables

  • 2017/11/27
  • 276
Choosing Center Tables

Interior designers have long since settled the debate that every room needs a great focal point for the interiors to be defined elegantly. The focal point in your interiors in the one piece of furniture, or decorative piece, that puts sense into all your other assorted furniture. Centre tables have long since been used for this in the Living rooms. Coffee tables or tea tables promise a warm and inviting touch to your living room.

But have you ever thought what makes a coffee table enlighten your interiors and make them pop?

Wooden Street has found out the key to selecting the perfect center table. Read to find out the best match for your living room.

1. The Old School Look

People who prefer simplicity and tasteful sobriety are arguably right that it never goes out of style. For those of you who think simplicity indeed is the epitome of sophistication, a simple yet beautifully carved wooden center table is the perfect match for your living room.

We Suggest: Barnett Center Table for the low-key and suave interiors. Bring in a beautiful indoor plant like Areca Palm in a stylish planter to accessorize the look.

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2. Simplistic Yet Wholesome Center Table

For people who like their interior to be avant-garde yet imbibe within itself the essence of the yore, the center table has to be simple but modern. This is an always in-trend combination and essentially a fail-proof way to create a cozy focal point.

Shift your fabric or leatherette sofa closer to the window, let the sun shine on your interiors (but not on your precious sofa, mind you). Now, use a cosmopolitan table and you’re good to go.

We Suggest: Stan coffee Table in your living room will make your friends consult you before they decorate their own interiors.

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3. The Utilitarian Center Table

We definitely have become more demanding as consumers wanting more out of every piece of furniture we own. A sofa doesn’t suffice these days, it has to double as a bed. A center table is not just a dedicated place to sit and sip a hot beverage over long chats. It’s evolved into an entertainment platform with storage for books, coasters and magazines.

We Suggest: Andy Coffee Table is great to entertain those guests who have come over the first time at your place. Your collection of books and magazines will provide the conversation starters, promoting a healthy discussion.

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4. Space-Savvy Center Table

Living rooms with small space prove the hardest to decorate and handle. Entertaining many guests is nothing short of a nightmare in such spaces. You get perplexed with what to buy that will not only solve this major issue but also make your interior look awesome.

We Suggest: Farrow Center Table and Dallas Center Table are a perfect match, serving both, as a Coffee table and a sitting space. Check Wooden Street for more options that suit your interiors.

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5. Coffee Table for the Art Lover

If you appreciate beauty in little things of life and love collecting such preciously moulded stuff, you are no less than a patron of art. We understand how proud you are of your artifacts and collectibles, and therefore, your furniture has to be an extension of art.

We Suggest: Every art lover’s dream, the Zeigler Coffee Table.

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6. The Perfect match for Fabric Sofa

If you like experimenting with your interiors in a way that they look more contemporary, invigorating and suitably uplifted, then bring an ottoman-styled coffee table to go with your fabric sofa.

We Suggest: Elenore Coffee Table is a perfect match for your lovely interior.

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Creating a balance in your furniture is an art lost in ostentation. But an art, when expressed immaculately, brings attention to your interiors in the right amount.

We hope our ideas helped you succeed in this with utmost precision. Let us know what you thought of them, or share your ideas.

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