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Choosing Right Wall Paints Can Perk Up the Looks of Your Wooden Furniture

  • 2015/11/16
  • 1263
Choosing Right Wall Paints Can Perk Up the Looks of Your Wooden Furniture

Upgradation and wall paints go hand in hand. Gearing up to shine every portion of your house including the furniture range is an age-old festive norm. Let’s be more stylish with our choice of paints and see how correct combination of colour of your wall and that of your furniture can add zing to your interior. Every colour has a typical psychological effect.

Red stands for energy

Use this colour very intelligently as its haphazard use can make the look clumsier instead of clean. So, how to use this colour to get a correct mood? Take a look at this.



This picture of a modern interior makes use of traditional red colour in a broken flow. Burgundy tones of red colours go equally artistically when put in contrast with all kinds of wooden finished such as - mahogany, teak, walnut and even natural. So, if you are given a challenge to design your interior with use of red coloured walls and sofa sets, the best way to do it is to use it in combination. Contrasting plays the key role.


Grey stands for hope and positivity

You can make very cautious use of this colour to achieve a balanced look. Combining it with pink coloured elements can help you achieve a refreshing look for your resting space. Grey makes your bedroom look spacious and so,you may use it in small sized spaces. Use of mirrors, section windows and minimalistic furniture designs can make small size look like an absolute delight. Thus, use this dull colour in combination with wooden bed and bright coloured drapes and add amazing feel to your cosy bedroom decor.


Grey combined with pink elements in a very artistic manner

Blue oozes calmness

Blue is a typical colour that not only provides serene appeal but also looks very urban too. This colour can have varying effects on mind when used in combination. You can use blue wall paint in lightest hue to make the room look very spacious. Furniture in walnut finish offers perfect companionship to the blue hued walls.

study table

Blue hued walls and cream or white finish furniture look very urban

Green promotes progressive approach

Paint the walls of certain areas of the room, especially study area, in green as displayed below. Keep you growing kids in an ambience that promotes their development and see how they show positive changes in their behaviour, approach and attitude. The image below makes use of book-shelves in white finish for a marvellous eye-catching space.

white study table

Green walls and white study table for progressive thinking

Colours make your space lively. Be bold with your choices but do try to find a balanced look with the use of tasteful elements. Wooden furniture tops the list of such elements and are now available online too. So, grab all colours that you can and make your home look chirpy and God-Blessed in festive seasons and always.

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