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Choosing the Perfect Chest of Drawers for your Bedroom Space

  • 2016/12/30
  • 356
Choosing the Perfect Chest of Drawers for your Bedroom Space

A chest of drawers would be an excellent storage solution in your bedroom to store all those small items that tend to get lost in your wardrobe

If you happen to run a search on “Chest of Drawers Online India,” you will be amazed at the kind of options that are available. Chest of Drawers come in different sizes and designs to suit different requirements and budgets. Not only are they functional they also look absolutely elegant in your space.

It is very important to keep in mind a few important things while buying a chest of drawers online. Some of these include:

Type of Wood

Wooden Chest of Drawers is available in different types of wood finishes such as mahogany, teak, walnut and honey. In case you are purchasing the entire set of bedroom furniture, any of these would do. However, if you want to match this piece of furniture with the others that exist in your bedroom, you may have to do some looking around.

It would be better to go to the same dealer or choose from the same line of furniture that you bought for your bedroom earlier. This would ensure perfect match, thereby enhancing your décor. Most online furniture stores offer perfectly matching beds, bedside tables and wardrobes along with chest of drawers to help you complete the look of your bedroom. In case you find it difficult to find an exact match you can also go for the customization option that many furniture stores offer.

spacious wooden chest of drawers online

The Style

Style is a very important thing to consider whenever you buy chest of drawers. You can find a few traditional looking pieces with elegant and curvy woodwork. And then there are others that look modern and sleek, fit for a bedroom that adopts contemporary décor. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you may even find one with some detailed woodwork alongside the drawer fronts and the edges.

There are also the knobs and the handles to consider when it comes to style. Your options include wood, nickel or brass. Alternatively you can even go for chest of drawers that come without any knobs or handles and get your own ones fixed at a later date.

The Size

There are no standard sizes when it comes to Chest of Drawers. They are available in varying lengths and widths. It all depends on how much space you have in your bedroom. Even the drawers vary in size. There are those that have half-size drawers at the top and full-size ones at the bottom. You can store your accessories in the top drawers and make space for clothing items at the bottom. If you do not wish to keep any clothing items you can go for those that have only half-size drawers.

The Runners

Runners make sure the drawers of your wooden chest of drawers open and close smoothly so that they don’t get jammed during use. These are generally mounted on both the sides of your drawers for extra support. It is better to make sure these runners are of high quality, before you buy chest of drawers.

buy chest of drawers for bedroom

The Veneers

Veneer is a protective coating sheet made out of superior wood, which is glued onto the base of the chest of drawers. This gives a classy look to your furniture piece even if it is basically made out of an inferior quality wood. Veneers spell out quality and elegance.

There is no rule that a chest of drawers need to be used only in a bedroom. It can go in a kids’ room to create space for their games and toys. It would even fit well in a dining room where you need to store your silverware and extra table linens. You can even include it in your living room to store any extra stuff you may have.

So, go ahead and make your choice!

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