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Choosing the Perfect Sofa Cum Bed for Your Home

  • 2017/01/03
  • 645
Choosing the Perfect Sofa Cum Bed for Your Home

Sofa bed is probably the most versatile piece of furniture available in the market. Whether you want to relax and watch TV or accommodate an unexpected guest, a sofa cum bed can be an excellent investment for your home.

Sofa beds are available in different designs to cater to every requirement and budget. What you choose depends totally upon what you are looking for in a sofa come bed. However, there are many things you need to consider before you buy sofa cum bed online. Some of them include:


Sofa beds come in different styles. There is the pull out sofa come bed that has the bed and the mattress neatly folded up inside the sofa, underneath the cushions. This type of sofa bed is utmost comfortable. However, it is quite difficult to make a bed out of this sofa.

You can go for a Futon style sofa cum bed if you are looking for something that is affordable yet functional. It can be converted into a bed within a matter of seconds. However, the comfort factor here is lesser when compared to a pull out style and the size also is smaller. It would be good for a small apartment fit for a bachelor.

A fold down sofa can be an excellent space saving solution that you can use in your home. All you need to do is fold it down to create a comfortable bed to sleep on. Although it does help you accommodate an extra person, it may not provide you adequate space to toss and turn while in sleep.

sofa cum bed


Before buying a sofa cum bed online you will have to understand your priority. Determine if you want to use it mainly for sitting or sleeping. Do you have guests often? Is this going to be your primary bed? If yes, then you may want something that is really comfortable.

Make sure the couch you buy comes with a nice spring mattress that is thick enough to ensure comfortable sleep. Nevertheless, if you want to use it mainly for sitting, you can go for one with a foam mattress. This will be softer to sit.


The room that you want to place your sofa bed in has a lot to do with the kind of sofa you have to purchase. If it is going to be placed in the living room, you may have to look for a fancier sofa cum bed online. A leather sofa or an upholstered one that matches your décor would be idea. It would be slightly on the expensive side.

On the other hand if it is the den or the family room where the sofa cum bed is going, you can go for a futon or a casual microfiber sofa that proves to be much more cost-effective. You don’t have to worry too much about going for something that matches your décor exactly, if this is where you wish to keep your sofa come bed.

sofa cum bed


The amount of space that is available in your home would be a deciding factor while looking for a sofa cum bed online India. You need to understand that a sofa cum bed would occupy more space than a regular three seater sofa. Therefore, if your space is limited, you can go for a futon or a sleeper loveseat that does not take up too much of your space.

On the other hand, if you have lot of space in your room, you can go for a larger couch that enables a couple to sleep comfortably, when converted into a bed. A pull out style sleeper sofa would be better here as it is much more comfortable and spacious enough.


Although price is not the main deciding factor, it does matter when it comes to buying a sofa cum bed online. It is better to allocate a budget and look for something that comes well within that budget. Compare a few options and check for offers if you want excellent value for your money.

The above factors, when considered can help you make the right choice while buying a sofa cum bedonline. Take time and look around before you make your final decision.

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