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Clever Kitchen Cabinetry- From How-To-Buy To What-To-Buy

  • 2018/01/17
  • 441
Clever Kitchen Cabinetry- From How-To-Buy To What-To-Buy

A well-furnished kitchen undoubtedly possesses excellent accessories and necessary electronic equipment that assist you to achieve faster and better cooked meals. Grillers, toasters, microwave ovens, induction cooktops, deep freezers, etc., have taken a significant position in our kitchens. Dedicated places to house these equipment make up for a well-organized and easy to handle kitchen. Kitchen cabinets complete the look of a modular kitchen in the same way as Samwise Gamgee completes Frodo, or Pippin completes Merry, or to be boring, in the same way as a button completes a shirt.

Modular kitchen designs incorporate cabinets organically, within the architectural design of the kitchen itself. If you want to invest in cabinets without having to go through the entire process of remodeling your kitchen and fighting dirt and grime for days on end, then buying wooden kitchen cabinets & Kitchen trolley is a wiser choice.

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What to consider first?

Before you are all set to bring home a new furniture piece, there are a few basic things you have to consider:

Size: Open your utility drawer and rummage for a measuring tape. Measure the availability of space your kitchen has had the mercy to offer you. We know what it is like to want a huge cabinet. But it will be a shame if it turns out to be not as ergonomic and makes your kitchen look extremely congested. While space is premium, the illusion of a spacious home is even more so. Don’t let yourself be fooled, size matters!

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Budget: Remodeling your home is always an expensive project and cabinets account for a whopping 40 to 50 percentage of your total budget. Set your total budget, and then figure out how much you are willing to splurge on your cabinetry. Budgets can sometimes scare you and make you call the entire remodeling project off. Never let this happen to your determination. Cabinets set the tone for your kitchen interior

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Quality: Of all the varieties of woods that are used to manufacture wooden furniture, you have to choose the one that fits your budget. While we have nothing against MDF variants of woods or plywood, which are used to make the kitchen cabinetry, we prefer more durable hardwoods. The finish on hardwoods makes all the difference in the final look of your kitchen. The plywood used should be considered for durability and strength. The thickness of plywood is important. For instance, when we consider Cabinet Drawers, varying from 5/8 inches in high-end cabinets to 3/4 inches in regular cabinets, the plywood thickness goes down to 1/2 inches in customized kitchen cabinet drawers.

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Design and your Decorating Styles: Browse magazines and stores, online and offline, to figure out what you like and what easily blends in your interiors. Stock cabinets offered by stores provide a limited flexibility when it comes to being one with the style of decorating interiors you’ve already chosen. Wooden Street helps you with the option of custom furniture that you can design yourself according to the requirements- of yours and your interiors’.

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What to buy?

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As is quite clear from our discussion, there are too many unknown variables in the equation of buying a Kitchen Cabinet.

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But still there are certain designs that can mould themselves according to any flavour of interior designing. Three of the best of designs have been listed here.

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Clayton Kitchen Cabinet

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Clayton has a simple straight design, laced with drawers and shelves and cabinet doors, which provides ample storage space. It can be used to shelf your crockery, the drawers can be home to your silverware, while condiment jars can be kept on the shelves and a microwave oven can easily be fitted in the structure of the cabinet. Interestingly, this cabinet is a good substitute for your bathroom cabinets, should you ever need something large sized that can hold all of your toiletries.

Earnville Kitchen Cabinet

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In situations of space-hexes, you can easily use a kitchen cabinet that isn’t as bulky as our Clayton, like the Earnville Kitchen Cabinet. This cabinet provides a perfect storage house for bowls, jars and bottles. It has a drawer for storing cutlery, spices and cookbooks. The cabinet below the drawer, resembling a base cabinet, could be used to store large containers. The top of Earnville can be used to house bonsai planters, or a microwave and an induction cooktop, effectively. Have a look-

Galla Kitchen Cabinet

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If you want a kitchen cabinet that would add charm to your dining room and go well as an add-on with your dining table, invest in Galla Kitchen Cabinet. The Base of this cabinet has three separate cabinets that can easily house tall champagne and wine bottles. Atop these cabinets are three drawers, each of which can be used to house a multitude of things, like dinner plates, silverware, spare special occasion salt and pepper cellars, etc. The top of the drawers can be used to showcase decorative objects like glass planters with Lucky Bamboo, a hearty statue of Laughing Buddha, a photo frame of your entire family for a positive effect or you can go for a more utilitarian use and use the top to fix a microwave unit. The cabinet has display racks that you can use to showcase your precious chinaware.

We hope these suggestions have made home in your heart. Do share your opinions and experiences for hunting the right kitchen cabinets, and if you do happen to buy one from us, let us know!

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