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Colour Me Tricolour - Interiors Inspired By Republic Day

  • 2018/01/25
  • 1319
Colour Me Tricolour - Interiors Inspired By Republic Day

India’s rich cultural heritage and evolutionary traditions have always had a deep impact on a global scale. This impact, imprinted deep within us, finds expression on National Festivals such as Independence Day or Republic Day. We let this feel reverberate through us and take a dip in the festive cheer.

The reason why Indian National flag appeals to us is not just patriotism, but the clever aesthetics and the deep significance of each colour in the flag. The valour of Saffron, peace of White, prosperity of Green and the majestic Blue of the Ashoka Chakra appeals to us on a deeper level. This Republic Day, you can let your patriotism fly free and colour your surroundings even as it bathes your soul.

There are small scale changes that you can bring in your interiors to give a classic Indian touch to your interiors. What’s really astounding is how good these colours look within the confines of your home!

Savouring the Saffron



Cushions in brilliant orange against off-white, white or even grey background look beautiful. Whatever be the kind of Sofa you own, fabric or wooden, paired with white cushions, orange cushions liven up your interior.

You can even cover your pouffes in orange and place them in random corners, or if you’re a geometry fan, arrange them in a straight line at the foot of the bed. See it to believe it.



Curtains in saffron look perfect in your living room. Match them with white and blue cushions on the Sofa to create the perfect tonal equilibrium in your interiors.

Decorative pieces:

1. You can hang orange glass globes or a beautiful orange chandelier in the centre to create a brilliant contrast in your living room.


2. You can use paintings of sunrise and sunset in order to reclaim the natural warmth in your bedroom or any other room for that matter.



White colour lets most of the light to spread equally as it absorbs the least amount of light. How this works in your favour? It is already a major part of most interiors!

Apart from the walls, lamp shades and other uses that you already know of, white needs to be put in a greater contrast with the rest of the three colours of the Indian flag to actually generate a republican theme.

White and Blue Bedroom


You can use blue bed sheets and blue cushions and pillows thrown against a white setting to magnificently accent your bedroom. Have a look.

White and Blue on Dining Table


Chinese ceramics on dining table makes it look resplendent and at the same time conveniently lend the republican vibes you are aiming for.

White and Orange children’s room


You can make your children’s room lively by using saffron coloured covered on their books, and buying orange chairs or pouffes. Simple accents do vibrant wonders. Peek-a-boo.

White and Green for tiny tots


Your baby’s nursery can be accented with dark green by using something as simple as a crib to highlight the white walls and the decorations that twinkle and appeal to your baby and his peals of laughters.

Go Green.

When asked what’s their favourite colour most people pick green and blue. These colours of the nature, blessed by Terra and Te Fiti themselves, have innate charm that beckons happiness and brings us peace. See how you can use green colour in your interiors.




What better way to bring the green in than bringing in the greenery itself? Bring planters with dark green plants and arrange them around your home.

Curtains, again?


Against white walls, hang green curtains and witness the glory of the green. Green curtains look regal in your interiors.

Bits of Green in Kitchen



You can use bits of green colour scattered in your kitchen to accentuate the drab kitchen and see the magic as it unfolds itself right in front of you.

Bleed Blue (or red, for you practical peeps)

The Blue of Ashoka Chakra can be used to create corners that will pull your attention to themselves, attention seeker that this colour is. This colour makes your interiors pop. See for yourself. You can use it in various combinations with either orange or white or green. Anything works, really. See...


Always remember never over do one colour over the other. Keep all the four colours in a balance and you’re good to go. What’s more, these colours look as beautiful without the Republic Day building the tricolour gusto in the air. Try these colours and let us know what you think of your renovated interiors.

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