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Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

  • 2017/06/22
  • 601
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

A modular kitchen is a trendy interior idea that beautifully upscales the entire look of the kitchen and adds to its functionality. But wait, Do you think that you can't have one as you have a small kitchen space? Well, the modern kitchen designs have a solution for your every problem. The straight modular kitchen and the L – shaped modular kitchen can very elegantly fit in the small spaces. Let's find out how the fascinating kitchen interior design solves all your problems from maximising the storage to creating a lively look:

How does a Straight Line Kitchen fit in a small space?

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The straight line kitchen is built on just one wall. Thus, it can smartly fit in a small kitchen acquiring nothing more than a wall. It can even allow you to have an open kitchen. For bachelors and two person family, it makes a great choice as a straight line kitchen can be built in an open space, facilitating the addition of a dining table at the same place. Hence, making the cooking, eating and cleaning task a bit easier.

How can it maximise your storage space?

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A small space doesn't always mean a small storage. By getting a chic modular straight line kitchen, you can easily maximise your storage space. In your modular kitchen, you can have tall cabinets or the double row of cabinets. Besides giving a splashy look, it gives you more space to store the vessels and containers. Apart from this, you can make the best use of available space by getting the embedded kitchen appliances. For instance, you can have a cabinet for a microwave in your modular kitchen. Apart from utilising the space, it makes your kitchen look neater and organised.

How it keeps the kitchen organised?

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The functional kitchen units help you to keep your kitchen more organised. Effectively utilising the space, the base units, bottle units, wall units and corner units provide proper shelves that help you in arranging your cutleries, vessels, bottles and other appliances systematically. These units have sufficient space to harbour all your appliances; the smaller and the bigger ones. Hence, it gives an absolutely flawless look to your kitchen.

How to create a balanced look?

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Just getting a modular kitchen is not enough. You got to work with the arrangement of your appliances in order to create a balanced look. The first point to consider is to maintain a reasonable distance between the sink and other appliances. It will keep your electrical appliances safe from water and will also help in creating a de-cluttered look.

How to give a bold look?

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The smaller format can very well allow you to experiment with the bold and bright colours or the contrasting combination finishes. If you are planning for an open kitchen, you can harmonise the look by choosing a colour which perfectly complements the texture of your furniture, flooring and the colour scheme of the area.

Getting the desired modular kitchen for your place is now an easy task as WoodenStreet is there to help you out. Apart from giving your kitchen a contemporary look, we add to your functionality by providing you with some amazing kitchen units. We design your kitchen as per your requirement. Our expert team be on tenterhooks to provide the best service and design your dream kitchen. Don't wait and book a consultant for your kitchen design only on Woodenstreet.

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