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‘Age no bar’ characteristic of beds, just like Pokemon Go!

  • 2016/07/25
  • 672
‘Age no bar’ characteristic of beds, just like Pokemon Go!

The amount of turmoil and craze this game has brought in, is way too much! If you have not heard of this amazingly occupying and addictive game, then you are possibly a saint sitting on the Himalayas. Pokemon Go has conquered the minds of the people of almost all the age groups, so ‘age no bar’ is another good quality of this game. People are walking on the streets madly with their phones playing the game. OK, for all those who do not know what this hype is all about, Pokemon go is a game available on the play store, all about catching the different types of Pokemon characters.

It works in the virtual reality; wherein you have to walk on the streets, as directed by your phone, to reach the location where your Pokemon character is waiting for you. Although, you do not actually get the Pokemon, you capture it in the game, and you have to throw a Pokeball carefully, or it might go away. With this fun theme, people are getting so indulged in capturing various Pokemon. The game does not only has the entertaining property. When you walk, as your phone vibrates informing about the Pokemon nearby, you lose calories, plus you explore the world.

So, comparing the features of the various attractive characters of this game, I will here, tell you about the similar types of beds, and how they have those superpowers, just like the Pokemon. So, here you go:

1. Pikachu like Sofa cum Bed

This chubby rodent, is the hero of the game. It has a characteristic feature according to which, it is Pichu when leveled up with Friendship and turns into Raichu when exposed to Thunder stone. Similarly, multi-purpose sofa cum beds, serve utterly comfortable when used as a sofa, and can turn into beds, when you need extra sleeping space and rescue you.

space saving sofa cum bed

2. Jiggly puff like Double Bed

This Pokemon is very cute and wide, with the attribute of singing at the precise wavelength to make its Foe feel drowsy and eventually fall asleep. Just in the same way, double beds are full and spacious and make you feel so cozy that you can drowse off easily. They can sooth you to sleep if bought carefully.

storage beds

3. Ninetails like Upholstered Bed

The Ninetails has the quality that it is blessed with those bright, captivating eyes, that can hypnotize its foe and win over his mind. And the best part about this Pokemon is that it is said to live for thousand years. Like wisely, the upholstered beds, captivate the hearts of the customers with their elaborate designs and beautiful features. And Bingo! They too stay by your side for a longer period.

fabric upholstered beds

4. Mewtwo X like Poster Bed

This is the most bulkier looking, strongest Pokemon, which can use its bulky thighs and limbs. It remains motionless in the battle and has only one target; that is to defeat its foe. Similarly, a Four Poster bed looks heavy because of its limb-like bulky posters that hold its strength. This furniture also remains at the same place forever, but can win any one’s heart with its dramatic and enchanting look.

four poster wooden beds

5. Vulpix like Trundle Bed

Vulpix has one white cute tail when born. But, upon receiving immense love from its Trainer, it spreads its tail into six and adds to its beauty. Similarly, we have trundle beds, that provide a very soft cushioned sleeping basically, and when its owner needs its help, to make a sleeping space for their extra guests, it just doubles the space as a gesture of gratitude. Of course, they look beautiful too!

trundle bed or twin bed

Though there are more types of beds and more characters, these are the top favorite Pokemon according to me! Keep searching for more!

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