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Dining Cabinet In Indore

A dining cabinet is impeccable furniture that can organize a little dinette most stunningly. This cabinet makes it completely effortless to access the coaster as well as the vessels with its presence. Wooden Street has introduced a range of dining cabinets in Indore collection that is made with all features that make it serviceable for the dining. Various sizes and numerous features make it a differentiated range to pick from. Scroll low to have a gaze at the gigantic and gorgeous collection of dining cabinets in Indore collection of Wooden Street.

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Dining Cabinets in Indore: To Enhance the Dinette with Extra Features and Extra Style

Women today are peculiar for everything to make a perfect household, and the first step towards it starts with the finest crockery. But for the finest crockery, there has to be the finest place to store it well, just like a dining cabinet. Dining cabinets set the perfect place where crockery can be easily displayed and accessed.

So, Wooden Street has commenced dining cabinets in the Indore store. There are numerous designs of dining cabinets that have been introduced in the store so that one can find a space-friendly and storage-friendly furniture as per their requirements.

This has been exemplified right below!

Catalogue of Dining Cabinets in the Indore Hub of Wooden Street

Dining cabinets in the Indore store of Wooden Street have a lot of design ideas to pick from. These cabinets are of different making such that there is furniture for a modern as well as a contemporary household.

Some of these dining cabinet designs are collected right below:

Double Storey Cabinet

This dining cabinet is well known for providing the benefits of two cabinets in one single space.

Consider the example of Loren dining cabinet in Indore collection of Wooden Street. This dining cabinet has one cupboard above the other. Also, the lower one is an opaque design while the above is with curio design.

So, this provides two different yet functional dining cabinet that gives maximum place to store.

Low and Broad Cabinet

A dining cabinet that is short heightened yet broad enough, makes this furniture more functional and its design can be a slayer too.

For instance, Wooden Street has Jett sideboard among its collection of dining cabinets in Indore. Firstly, there is sufficient storage space of triple door cupboards and three drawers.

Secondly, the doors are engraved with an isosceles triangle pattern and wooden grain pattern. It makes it exquisite in appearance and a perfect prop to decorate in a contemporary dining room.

Cabinet with Multiple Storage

The storage facility is a must in a dining cabinet. But having multiple storage features along makes the furniture even more versatile.

Exemplary of such furniture is Avalon dining cabinet in Indore collection. This dining cabinet is with a cupboard and with numerous drawers of various sizes.

ultiple storing places makes it more useful while its height also allows a tabletop which can be nicely decked.

Showcasing Cabinet

Some dining cabinets are made to not just store but showcase the utmost beauty of crockery.

So, there are shelf dining cabinets like Beauford dining cabinet in Indore collection which are with so many shelves that are segmented in the cabinet. There is a sleek drawer as well but shelves of sizes give a stunning way to decorate the crockery.

Such dining cabinets from Indore collection give a diversity of designs so that one can pick what suits the dining most. All the cabinets are with services that make it effortlessly accessible furniture.

Policies that Make Purchasing Easy at Wooden Street


Wooden Street gives the facility of “customization” with each of the dining cabinets in the Indore store. This facility is to make it help an individual to get the furniture customized as per their demand and necessity.

Solid Wood Furniture:

All the dining cabinets in the Indore collection are made of sheesham wood. Along with it, there are available four fantastic finishes of honey, teak, walnut and mahogany finish to opt from.

Policies with the Purchase: Wooden Street has initiated certain policies with buying of dining cabinets in Indore collection. Some such policies are mentioned below:

  1. Low-Cost EMI
  2. Easy Return Policies
  3. One-year Warranty on every product
  4. No Installation Charges

These policies are to make buying of dining cabinets in Indore collection way easy and simple.

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