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Dining Table Buying Guide: Get The Correct One For Your Home

  • 2017/06/30
  • 419
Dining Table Buying Guide: Get The Correct One For Your Home

Whether you plan a formal discussion or an informal gathering, it is a perfect dining room that can set everything apart. Undoubtedly, a dining room is incomplete without an ideal dining table. Well, getting dining table online is not a minor affair as you need to spend a good amount to get an absolute one for your home. Off course, you won't wish to get a piece which at last turns to misfit your room, just because of a little ignorance. To make your task easier, we present you a list of points you need to consider before getting a supreme piece for your home:

1. Material:

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If you wish to get a wooden dining table, always go for hardwood such as Mahogany, Teak, Sheesham or Oak instead of softwood like Mica, Plywood or MDF as they are not as strong and sturdy as hardwood. Also, the fibre material is good for short term use but is not ideal for a long duration, whereas hardwood is a long lasting material, with low maintenance cost.

2. Measure Your Room:

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Remember that the dining table in your room should look cozy and not cramped. Many people tend to get a table which is too big for the room and gives a jammed in look. To avoid this take correct measurements of your room and make sure that 50” space is left between the edges of the table and the walls all around so that you can move comfortably.

3. Check your table's dimensions:

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After you have measured your room, it is important to consider the dimensions of the dining table. While looking for a dining table, check that it has a standard height of 28" - 30", such that it leaves sufficient space above the knees and is the same level as your elbows while you are sitting. A table too low or tall in height fails to give a pleasurable experience while eating and can even lead to back pain due to an incorrect sitting position. So, make sure that the dimensions of your dining table are appropriate, such that it makes a comfortable seating for all.

4. Shape:

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While deciding upon the shape of your dining table, keep in mind certain rules: if you have a small dining area, go for an oval shaped dining table as it saves your space from looking overly crowded. Go for the square shaped table, if you have a narrow dining area. If your dining area is narrow but long, then you can opt for a rectangular dining table. Lastly, if you have a huge living room than you can go for a round dining table, as it requires a generous space.

5. Opt for the extendable:

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If you don't require a large seating in routine but need it occasionally, then a dining table with extendable leaves is the best. The easy mechanism allows you to expand and fold the leaves whenever needed, giving you a space saving solution and a hidden ability to host many guests.

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