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Double Bed Mattress


A double bed mattress is not just a bedding accessory, it is the actual reason behind your happy and healthy life. Mattresses are called as the better half of a bed. So, to complete the double bed, Wooden Street provides you an extensive range of double bed mattress online to ensure you a sound and serene sleep.

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    Double Bed Mattress - The Better Half of Your Double Bed

    A double bed is just a piece of wood without a mattress. You cannot sleep on a wooden bed. It has zero comfort. It’s just a bed frame that requires something to make it as a ‘bedding’ for sleeping. It is the mattress that is responsible for your serene sleep. Wooden Street has a wide range of Kurl-On mattresses in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions. Double bed and a double bed mattress sounds like made for each other. Double bed mattresses are the reason behind your long, healthy life and a peaceful sleep. These double bed mattresses are cozy, comfy, restful and are available in multiple colors, and materials. These are designed by expert craftsmen keeping in mind your comfort and health. Such double sided foam mattress will provide you extreme comfort and support to keep you relieved from all types of body aches. Buy a perfect mattress from Wooden Street that suits your body and budget.

    Get Quality Double Bed Mattress Online at Wooden Street

    You can check out double bed mattress online available in extensive collection made from rich quality foam. These mattresses are a must-have for a good night’s sleep because the quality and age of a mattress decides whether you will have a energetic morning or an achy morning.

    Numerous Double Bed Mattress Sizes To Fit In Every Proportion

    There are various size of double bed mattresses to fit in all types of double beds whether it’s king size or queen size or just a basic double bed. In addition to the standard double bed mattress size, Wooden Street provides some more sizes in these mattresses to facilitate those who have customized beds at their homes. The double mattresses are available in lengths of 72, 75 and 78 inches and width of 60 and 72 inches.

    Double Mattress : Construction And Materials

    The double bed mattresses available at Wooden Street are made-up of two layers - the core and the cushioning. The core is the support layer and the cushioning is the comfort layer. The upholstered comfort layer is made of foam and soft fabrics to provide adequate comfort for the sleeper’s body. The core or the support layer is made-up from three types of material - foam, coir and spring. Each one has its own advantage.

    1. Double Bed Foam Mattress

    • Foam mattresses come in three varieties - memory foam, latex foam and bonded foam. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for back and joint pain sufferers.
    • Memory foam is made from a substance called visco-elastic. It is very soft and it absorbs heat. Hence, mattresses made from memory foam are very light-weight and easy to handle.
    • Double bed mattresses made from memory foam are adjustable to variable pressures applied while exercising the body on the mattress and it returns to its original shape when pressure is removed.
    • The Latex double bed mattress is made by processing natural latex from rubber. These latex mattresses have more elasticity and more fluff compared to other types of mattresses.
    • Bonded Foam mattresses are made from compressing a number of polyurethane materials under high pressure. That is the reason they are super comfortable.

    2. Double Bed Coir Mattress

    • Coir mattresses are made from coir which is derived from the husk of coconut.
    • A coir mattress is constructed by placing a thick layer of foam between two layers of rubberized coir and the outermost layer is made from polyurethane foam quilt.
    • Coir helps to maintain the firmness of the mattress.
    • They are good for people which are allergic to dust.
    • They have an airier design and let the air circulate through it. Hence, it maintains a cool temperature are helpful in keeping the back muscles straight and pain free.

    3. Double Bed Spring Mattress

    • Spring mattresses are made from a number of pocket springs placed between two thermobond felts. The outside layer is made up of polyurethane foam quilt.
    • They are very durable. They can last from 7 to 10 years.
    • They are very budget friendly.
    • They have sufficient space between all the springs which allows easy ventilation. It doesn’t accumulates body heat and promotes better sleep.

    Perfect Double Bed Mattress For All Kinds Of Sleepers

    No matter whether you are a back sleeper, front sleeper or a side sleeper, you can find a suitable double bed mattress for all kinds of sleepers. We provide mattresses which are extremely comfortable so you are free to sleep in whichever way you want. These super soft mattresses will support and comfort your body in almost every position. Our mattresses are crafted in such a way that they have a thick layer of foam on the outside which ensures that you sleep in full luxury just like you’re sleeping on clouds.

    Advantages Of Double Bed Mattresses

    These mattresses are of premium quality which are beneficial in a number of ways.

    • Double Faceted Foam - These mattresses have a super comfy bedding on both the sides. You can use it from both sides. It is very beneficial as you can switch to another side after some years of usage.
    • Back pain comfort - These thick cushioned mattresses are good for people who suffer from the problem of back aches. These are made to provide full support and comfort to your body.
    • Durability - These mattresses can be used for an average of 10-12 years. They do not attract dust.

    Why Buy Double Bed Mattress Online From Wooden Street?

    Wooden Street has a wonderful collection of double bed mattresses online in multiple sizes, colors and materials. We assure our customers hassle free delivery and facilities like free shipping and no cost EMI. Here, you can find these super comfortable double mattresses for making your home a better place in almost every price range.

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    Kurlo Bond 5 inch coir double bed mattress fulfills what it promised for, my daughter is using it from some days ago and really enjoying sleeping over it. I hope it would offer same comfort for a long time. Makes my little daughter really cosy and she loves it. I highly recommend this product. Thank you so much Wooden Street Team !!
    Arpita Soni Mumbai
    cheap double bed mattress price
    I found New Ortho 5 inch coir mattress very comfortable. My kids sleep peacefully on it now, without tossing and turning too much. I guess my kids love it more than I do. As claimed, it's excellent indeed. It is reasonably priced as compared to the market and has excellent quality and finish. I am thankful to the Wooden Street for providing this comfortable double bed mattress.
    Aachal Jain Bengaluru
    Cosy Double Bed Mattress
    This is the first time I had bought a double bed mattress online, and it has definitely solved our requirement. While searching online, my husband and I stumbled upon Wooden Street, and I am glad I came across this website. We are delighted to purchase this. The service of this store is impeccable, and they delivered the product on time, as promised. Great Job Wooden Street Team and Thank you so much !!
    Sanaya Singh Chandigarh
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