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Double Beds

Wooden double bed provides great comfort which is desirable for anyone. Ample size and additional features are all that it takes to make a solid wood double bed with storage, a true luxury for the home. With this, commendable designs over the furniture are another plus to embellish the interior of the bedroom to the fullest. Therefore, Wooden Street has come up with a stupendous collection of wooden double beds online in India fashioned in voguish patterns. Every bed is made in solid wood and is summated with desired amenities like upholstered headboards, drawer and hydraulic storage beds, low height platform beds and many other features.
Scroll down below to squiz at the latest collection that Wooden Street piles in its stock to offer.

Buy Double Beds online
Best sheesham wood King Size bed design, cots online, latest furniture design
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Rs 42,799Rs 79,999 47% off

EMI From Rs 3,823

Best Seller
Wooden Queen Size Bed With Storage Design
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Rs 34,989Rs 53,499 35% off

EMI From Rs 3,125

Double bed, Space saving beds, Queen Size Beds with storage, buy wooden cots
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Rs 42,499Rs 77,999 46% off

EMI From Rs 3,796

Best Seller
Best Queen Size Bed Designs Online in Mumbai & bangalore, solid wood double bed in India
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Rs 41,489Rs 75,999 45% off

EMI From Rs 3,706

Best Seller
Wooden Queen Size Bed Designs in chennai & mumbai
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Rs 44,399Rs 76,099 42% off

EMI From Rs 3,966

Queen Size Bed with side storage (honey finish) in Mumbai
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Rs 45,989Rs 75,700 39% off

EMI From Rs 4,108

Buy Double Beds online
Wooden King size bed design with storage in Hyderabad
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Rs 43,799Rs 79,199 45% off

EMI From Rs 3,912

Best Seller
Wooden Queen Size Bed Designs Online in India, platform bed designs
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Rs 32,499Rs 52,999 39% off

EMI From Rs 2,903

Buy Double Beds online
Upholstered Bed With Storage Drawers, solid wood double beds online with storage
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Rs 49,989Rs 79,799 37% off

EMI From Rs 4,465

Beautiful Queen Size Bed Designs
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Rs 29,499Rs 42,399 30% off

EMI From Rs 2,635

solid wood Queen Size Bed Designs online, solid sheesham wood double beds in India
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Rs 26,599Rs 41,399 36% off

EMI From Rs 2,376

Wooden King size bed designs online mumbai, buy sheesham wood double beds with storage
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Rs 27,999Rs 43,499 36% off

EMI From Rs 2,501

Double bed online, solid wood King size bed design with storage and price
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Rs 38,989Rs 59,999 35% off

EMI From Rs 3,482

Low Floor Sheesham Wood King Bed in Mumbai, wooden platform bed
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Rs 35,999Rs 59,799 40% off

EMI From Rs 3,215

Queen Size Bed With Hydraulic Storage India
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Rs 52,989Rs 76,099 30% off

EMI From Rs 4,733

king size beds With Storage
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Rs 48,999Rs 79,999 39% off

EMI From Rs 4,376

Harley Double Beds design with price, queen size bed online in Pune
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Rs 57,398Rs 97,899 41% off

EMI From Rs 5,127

Hayden Bed Without Storage (King Size, Honey Finish)
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Rs 25,999Rs 39,999 35% off

EMI From Rs 2,322

Solid wood double beds with side storage, buy wooden queen size beds online with storage, buy solid wood double cot
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Rs 56,989Rs 89,399 36% off

EMI From Rs 5,090

buy King size bed with fabric upholstery in Pune
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Rs 43,999Rs 61,799 29% off

EMI From Rs 3,930

Queen Size Bed in bangalore (Honey Finish)
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Rs 31,999Rs 48,399 34% off

EMI From Rs 2,858

Wooden Double bed online, Allan Bed With Storage (King Size, Honey Finish)
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Rs 44,989Rs 71,999 38% off

EMI From Rs 4,018

upholstered bed online India, buy double beds online in India
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Rs 49,989Rs 79,799 37% off

EMI From Rs 4,465

buy queen size double bed with storage in Hyderabad, wooden queen size cot with storage
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Rs 43,989Rs 75,999 42% off

EMI From Rs 3,929

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Buy Wooden Double Beds Online: Revitalize Your Home With A Centsational Furniture

Double bed make any bedroom feel lavish and upmarket. It not only brings opulence to your living style but also ensures additional comfort. Being broad enough, it is ideal for a couple. Moreover, in today’s modern era, when a house needs to be as smart as the people, and our wooden double beds are designed with the same. Features like upholstery and hydraulics beds etc. today's era have given the ease in buying the comfiest range of bedroom furniture. Buy solid sheesham wood double bed online in order to introduce a flabbergasting look to the interior of your beautiful home. We have showcased a spectrum to suit the style, colour, and theme of your home. Needless to say, our collection is the symbol of a comfortable lifestyle; therefore, making it an intrinsic part of every home.

Our solid wood built double beds with storage offer durability and storage space and are very reasonable as well. So, you can buy double bed online in India from our new varieties which available in luxurious finishes to adore your room interior. These are designed to treat the eyes of those who visit our website in search of premium as well as solid wood double bed furniture. Hence, you'll be offered with an additional durability characteristic that is accompanied by Sheesham and Mango wood.

Bring Home Your Own Little Slice of Paradise With Solid Wood Double Bed

Our wooden double beds are also summated with storage facilities, so that along with the usual wardrobes, there is another place to declutter the mess. Some of our wooden double beds are available online have headboards with adjoining shelves and cupboards so that there is a place to store as well as a well enough space to decorate. Buying wooden double beds with storage at the best price and sliding boxes tend to be an ideal option for rooms that are space-constrained. You can store your essential belongings with ease in the storage boxes beneath the bed and keep your room clutter-free. If you're looking forward to give a minimalistic look, then the storage-less double bed is eagerly waiting for you.

⭐Double Bed Price List⭐

Product Name
Offer Price
Walken Bed With Storage
₹ 42,799
Denzel Bed With Storage
₹ 34,989
Ferguson Bed With Storage
₹ 42,499
Adolph Bed With Side Storage
₹ 44,399
Melisandre Low Floor Double Bed
₹ 32,499
Drewno Upholstered Bed With Storage
₹ 49,989
Bacon Bed with Storage
₹ 38,989
This data was last updated on August 04, 2020


Plug-In Your Home With The Grandiose Variety Of Double Beds In Spotlight

If you're looking forward to buy wooden double beds online at a reasonable price that complements the interior of the room and offers a comfortable place for you, then, you are certain to find something for all your needs here. From comfortable backs to lavish headboards, we have everything to excite your shopping streak. Wooden Street's double beds with headboard and drawer storage, comfy back support provide you with all the possible coziness which you expect in your rest zone and storage to keep your bedding stuff with ease. The captivating looks and elegant appeal of double bed designs are the most surprising characteristics that you can look in a bed in the room. We have a beautiful collection of solid wood double beds with storage in the headboard and without storage, king size bed, queen size bed, platform beds etc. which are available for sale which has an essence of everlasting vintage touch because of beautiful designs, finishes, and durability.

Wooden Double Beds Online in India Coming With A Punch Of Pizzazz

We have a flabbergasting collection of wooden double beds that are available online in tremendous varieties which gives you the liberty to buy the best product that not only fits your home but is also pocket-friendly. In addition to the comfort and quality, you can get the benefits in terms of cost and ease of delivery. The economic range of our products is the reason you will love online shopping. We understand and believe that the bedroom furniture is not only composed to provide you with the necessary comfort, or a luxurious look to your room but also to make you feel contempt at the affordable cost. So you can buy the top-notch wooden double beds online from our exclusive designs or get customized your double bed or any other cot as per your requirement. You can also go for combos that include mattress and a bedside table.

The designs of the double beds today are also a trailblazer to enhance the abode with a contemporary and captivating furniture unit. Double bed with premium quality, subtle forging, and stylish detailing altogether are responsible for getting home the finest interior. With storage features, stunning designs, and lots of capaciousness, buying solid wood double beds with storage have made the life of people easier and comfier with its presence and serviceability. And we offer you an option of customized wooden furniture. Just let us know the double bed you love, and we will hand over the work to our expert furniture designers who make sure you get what you exactly want. We have a wide range of double cots available in different cities as well like Double Bed in Bangalore, Double Bed in Mumbai, Double Bed in Chennai, Double Bed in Delhi, Double Bed in Noida, Double Bed in Jaipur, Double Bed in Pune, Double Bed in Gurugram, Double Bed in Hyderabad, etc. Enhance the beauty of your bedroom interiors with beautiful block Printed Bed Sheet, quilts, bedding sets, floor runners, door mats etc from Wooden Street.

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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What are the dimensions of double beds?

We have two variety under wooden double beds, i.e., king-size beds and queen size beds. The standard dimensions of king-size bed is 82 L x 77 W x 42 H. And, the dimension of queen size beds is 82 L x 65 W x 42 H.

Are Sheesham Wood double beds durable enough?

Yes, sheesham wood is durable enough for beds because of its characteristics. Sheesham wood is the most durable, sturdy, long-lasting and termite and pest resistant which is what makes them the ideal wood for the making of furniture including double bed.

Do wooden double bed with storage prove to be convenient option really?

Yes, double beds with storage prove to be the best. The drawers act as a second closet for you, you can stack up all your extra pillows, quilts and other kinds of stuff inside a double bed.

Which type of Double Bed is best, with or without storage?

It totally depends on the choice and requirements of your home. But if you buy a double bed with storage, you will get the additional storage space in the bed and can put all the bedding accessories in it without including additional capacity furniture units in the room.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
sheesham wood double bed online India
To me, this wooden double bed with storage is a reminder of a bygone era, inspired by Greek architecture. It stands apart from the rest of the furniture pieces in the bedroom. Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, this solid wood double bed is a great buy for anyone looking for something distinct.
Mubin Khan Hyderabad
buy double beds online India
This wooden double bed is very good for people like me who prefer it close to the ground. The headboard design is simplistic just the way I like it. A great double bed for a couple with incredible structure and construction.
Devyani Pawar Pune
solid wood double bed furniture
I purchased this double bed online from Wooden Street. It is so lavish and extravagant that I can't get my eyes away from it. Its tufted cream coloured headboard with the honey finish on the bed has enhanced the generous appeal of my bedroom. It is extremely comfortable and sturdy, and I found it worth buying this solid wood double bed. Thank You, Wooden Street!!
Drishti Gupta Lucknow
sheesham wood double bed price online in India
The one thing that made me buy wooden double bed online was the shelf-like space, which is the foot of the bed, providing a new way to arrange my bed-time reads. This not only proves to be an effective space solution but also looks gorgeous. Suffice to say, I am satisfied with my purchase. Wooden Street did not let me down.
Jyotika Yadav Noida
buy double bed online with storage
I am really amazed by seeing such an excellent wooden double bed. I like the crafting and beautiful finish of this premium double bed. Moreover, the best part is the multiple storages, i.e. storage under the bed and on either side of the bed. The storage consists of two shelves and two drawers with an extendable wooden tray to maximize the space to keep the stuff.
Arzoo Dadlani Lucknow
buy wooden double beds with storage online in India
I bought this Double Bed online, and the one thing that gives a distinct look to my bedroom is- its traditional, classic headboard design. Completely satisfied with this amazing product quality. Fantastic Design, durable material. Love it from the core of my heart! Thank You, Team Wooden Street!
Rituja Garg Indore
wooden double bed furniture
These Stylish, Comfortable and Luxurious Double Beds are the desired piece of furniture for every home, and the perfection with which it is composed has won my heart for a lifetime. All the furniture pieces on Wooden Street are fantastic, but I particularly loved this solid sheesham wood double bed. Thank You, Wooden Street!
Nishi Vishnoi Delhi
double beds online in Hyderabad
Wooden street has such an amazing double beds collection in their stock. I ordered one and it came just the way I saw online. Thumbs up to wooden street!
Vikas Ahuja Pune
wooden double bed in Chennai
Swirl is by far the best double bed that wooden street has in its stock. I really liked it when I saw it online and it was even better when it got delivered. Very neatly made and stylish furniture
Rakesh Nahata whitefield
double with storage in Mumbai
My friend suggested me to buy double bed online from wooden street for my new home. I say he was very right as they have such a good collection of double beds. The product delivery was also on time and in the right condition. I ordered Walken double bed from wooden street
Tanushree Rathore Mumbai
solid wood double beds with storage online India
Wooden street has a mind-blowing collection of wooden double beds I must say. We ordered Ferguson double bed which got delivered right on time. We do not have any complaint with the product as it came in the perfect quality.
Avijeet Singh Bagga Bangalore
buy double beds online with storage
I bought an Adolph double bed with storage from Wooden Street. We are very happy with the product as it came in good quality and without any error. Also, the delivery was very timely which impressed us more. Happy with the purchase from Wooden street!
Prachi Sharma Hyderabad
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