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Draping Interiors 101-Combining Carpets And Curtains

  • 2018/02/03
  • 353
Draping Interiors 101-Combining Carpets And Curtains

Fabrics in your interiors, apart from the obvious upholstery of the furniture units, impart colours and bring everything together. The psychological effects of colours are well known to the men of science. Us common folks, however, become happy only by looking at their vibrancy and the way they bring our surroundings to life. Choosing the right upholstery is a matter that the furniture manufacturers, such as Wooden Street, take care of for you. While buying a new furniture unit, all you have to do is pay attention to the fabric, its colour, prints and designs, and the way it fits into your interiors. But, this is not all there is to the fabrics inside your interiors. The weft and warp of the loom that builds your interiors fibre by fibre is much intricate than just an upholstery.


Rugs and Curtains lend an air of sophistication while completing the colour wheel of your interiors. The effects that you want to bring are highlighted to their zenith by the right combination of rugs and curtains. It is imperative that you choose the correct colour, print, design and the fabric with which the curtains and rugs are made. After all, a curtain the cape of your superhuman walls and windows, deftly passing the high mark of beautiful interiors with flying colours. While a rug, even if it doesn’t fly the way you want it to, will definitely be a charming addition to turn your home into a palace. Magic and Might, all in your reach. Don’t worry, the Ministry of Magic won’t suspend you for owning a magical artefact. The carpets don’t fly anyway.


The Theory of Natural Selection – Selecting Colours

Every time that you set out to buy something new and shiny for your interiors, keep in mind the kind of interior themes your rooms flaunt. Decisions, decisions. Tch! If you don’t know where to start, ask us!



The colour scheme will help you stay dedicated to the colours and choose the right colour combination for your interiors. The colour of your furniture, sometimes, is a great way to start when you’re in doubt. The curtain colours in contrast with the walls and your furniture lift the ambience of your interiors.


Though solid dark colours might not seem like your first choice, they look artistically beautiful draping your walls. Dark colours give a regal, majestic look to your interiors when used in combination with light walls. When it comes to choosing curtain colours, you can definitely do no wrong with light, pastel shades. Light curtains give an airy feeling to even the most compact of the rooms.

Toe Rugs


Depending upon whether you want the rug to mellow down your bold interiors or to generate a vibrancy, the colour of the rug can be chosen. Keep in mind the colour of the curtains and that of the rugs should compliment each other but not be at war with each other. You don’t want to create a crypt draped in the dark, do you? A clash of these two Titans will result in the downfall of the Olympus that your home is.

The Theory of Artificial Selection – Selecting Fabrics

The Veil of Walls


The kind of fabric you chose for your curtains has an impact on the light scheme of your interiors. Heavy curtains create a claustrophobic ambience to your otherwise airy interiors. But if this is the kind of look that you want to achieve for your grand interiors, then please, go ahead, be our guest. Sheer curtains, on the other hand, make even the most claustrophobic room look airy. The fabric is always mightier than the colour.

The Feast of Floors


While buying a rug, it is of the foremost importance that the fabric of the rug is supple and soft to touch. Your feet should melt into the fabric, and your mind should escape into a different world. Wool, cotton, jute, silk, nylon and olefin, etc., are the common materials that are used to make the softest of the carpets.

When you choose things for decorating your interiors, you have to be very cautious of the holistic effects of those things. Rugs and carpets create that purr-fectly dreamy aura that your house has to have to be called home.

Let us know what’s your process of buying curtains and rugs, and please share your interesting ideas with us.

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